Don’t just drive your car, play it as a drum kit

Often some loose car calipers become the unintended reason behind some random musical beats. Question is, what would rhythm sound like when a car is actually dismantled into a drum kit, where every beat and clink is intended earnestly? Well you better believe us when we tell you that it’ll sound pretty smooth! Let’s check out how Jordan Hill, a South California based Mechanic/drummer turned personal conveyance into percussion!

“Motor Rhythms”, as Hill calls it is a car part drum set assembled ingeniously by bringing together over 40 scrap car parts. It’s almost remarkable to observe how these parts almost “naturally” and effortlessly substitute regular drum equipment.

The creator James Hill working his Motor Rhythms Drum Kit


The Motor Rhythms Drum Kit

Now for someone who has a working knowledge of both drums and cars, the Motor Rhythms drum set may just be a revelation. Observe how Hills has utilized auto components in his majestic musical contraption. The pulse of any drum kit, the “bass drum” is unsurprisingly and quite rightly the gas tank.  The hi-hats are sounding quite fly, which are flywheels. Another prolific inclusion in the drum kit is the washer fluid reservoir foot drum. For  skeptics, the sounds from over 40 scrap car parts transmute into something which is nowhere in the vicinity of cacophony, sounding utterly musical and delightful. The sound has a steampunky characteristic to it which seems to be of utility in movie background scores. The pedals on the road have turned into pedals in the jam room. Now this is how we literally define “musical genius”!

Via: MotorRhythms

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