A 3D-printed hi-tech remote controlled Transforming Robot

Brave Robotics has developed a robot that can transform into a car with push button controls. It’s a 3D printed (3D Printed parts) robot that functions like an actual Autobot, only the scale is 1/12. The robot can walk around very quickly, transform within seconds, shoot missiles and can be driven like a sports car. It also features a Wi-Fi camera that can capture the Autobot’s view and display it on a tablet or any other gadget of same kind.

Autobot Transformer robot

The Robot toy comes with a wireless controller to control the robot and a briefcase to carry it. Brave Robotics has limited the production of robot toy by 10. Price is still not disclosed but can be inquired by contacting the manufacturer. The transforming robot will be on display at the Maker Faire Tokyo 2012 where we hope to extract some more information about the toy.

Autobot Transformer robot 1

Via: Hobby Media

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