A bike helmet that indicates way with a shake of head

Bike Luminance is a signal light that you can attach to your bike helmet. It isn’t any ordinary signal light, Bike Luminance can do something that other bike lights cannot. Naim Busek’s Bike Luminance signal directions by just a shake of head. The lights are bright therefore can’t be ignored by other drivers. The product has been developed by a hacker in Los Angeles who works in a hacker club called Crash Space.

Bike Luminance lives on a tech known as motion activated signalling and is a pretty cool safety hack. The light not only gives directions with a shake of your head but also gives stop and go signals with heads back tilt and front tilt movements, respectively. When you tilt your head backwards the LED strip glows bright red and when you tilt your head forward it goes green (the standard traffic light signals to stop and go). Bright LED colors can be clearly seen in the day light.

The helmet uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) which is optimist detection of a user’s movement, Bike Luminance can detect whether you actually want to signal or it’s just a bump on the road.

See Bike Luminance in action in the video below.

Via: Kickstarter

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