A cooling glove created by Stanford researchers literally sucks the heat out of athletes

Athletes can’t use steroids to cool down their body heat because using steroids are against the law. Therefore, Stanford researchers have created a device called “the glove” that cools down body heat rapidly and is of a great help to athletes. Stanford’s H. Craig Heller and Dennis Grahn are two researchers who have created this device and according to Grahn the discovery is a coincidence. They actually wanted to make a model to study heat dissipation and accidently came out with such a useful device.

the glove stanford

The process that helps cooling down temperature of body is very simple. The Glove creates a vacuum and pulls blood to surface of the hand, cold water in the glove rapidly cools off warm blood and sends cold blood back to the heart and then usual supply of blood to whole body takes place, thus cooling down the body temperature. The glove will also help study behaviour of muscles and will improve exercise recovery.

Name of the device has been set as ‘the glove’ for commercial production and the team says that it will soon be available in the market. The team did not reveal working of the heat extraction device.

Via: Stanford

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