A credit card sized device ‘electronic nose’ can detect every odour in the air

Engineering prof. Nosang Myung who is based at University of California is working with Nano Engineered Applications, and has developed a device that can sniff presence of any kind of substance around it. Nosang says that the device is just a prototype and includes a computer chip, USB ports, and temperature and humidity sensors. The device would be very useful in every sector. It would detect presence of gas leaks in industrial sectors, pesticide levels in agriculture sectors, chemical conflicting agents in military sector and will also be helpful for police to empty drugs from pockets of drug dealers.

Electronic nose

Nosang Myung holding Electronic nose prototype in his left hand

Electronic nose measures just four by eight inches and works with a multi-channel nanosensor array that is built using carbon nanotubes. The company will release version 2.0 of electronic nose in a month which will come with GPS and will synchronize with a smartphone via Bluetooth. At present company is working on a process to shrink the device to the size of a credit card to make it wearable and eventually embed it in a smartphone.

Via: CNet

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