A great café computer: Apple’s first laptop modded to run OS X

This case mod for Macintosh portable proves that nostalgia is a strong force which can even make a technological retrograde seem acceptable. Apparently, a nostalgic modder has upgraded the macintosh portable to the currently in use OS X. Needless to say that this change would not have been standalone but accompanied by hardware overhaul as well.

Apple mac mod

To that effect, under the white shell is housed a Toshiba NB100 notebook. The keyboard has been rewired into a USB avatar. The ball mouse finds replacement in its optical counterpart. The entire setup is powered by a cordless drill battery. You find Usb functionality on the classic laptop as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. A very vivid anachronism of technology immersed in the colors of nostalgia.

Via: GADGETOSE / UltimateHipsterTech

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