A homemade Star Wars snow speeder sled is made out of card board

Sledding is one of the most exciting activities for kids, adults or elders. Everyone enjoys snow sledding, but a user on the internet who is named as “Fortyozjuicebox” sledding isn’t so exciting until you sled on a “Star Wars snow speeder sled.”

‘Fortyozjuicebox’ made an exclusive Star Wars snow speeder sled in his home out of just card board, some duct tape and a Star Wars themed paint. The way how he made it was very simple: he took a big empty cardboard box and attached wings of cardboard with some duct tape, and then he fixed cardboard tubes on both sides which gave an impression of cannons. Canopy is added to the top, which is also built out of cardboard. After painting the vehicle white for camouflage effect in the snow and adding heat dispersion fins on the rear the sled was ready for use.

He took the vehicle to test out in Sleepy Hollow, Lowa and the vehicle passed the test successfully. Its a pleasure to watch the sled in action.




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