A LEGO Sniper Rifle so powerful that it can actually drill walls

The LEGO rifle inspired by Dragunov SVU is so powerful that it can make holes through a wall. A youtube user RJGDWIz has made this striking work of art. Whole body of the rifle has been made out of Legos except the trigger mechanism which is made of a long rubber band. This Lego rifle is a bullpup variant of a sniper rifle i.e. the action mechanism lies behind the trigger.

LEGO Sniper Rifle by RJGDWIz Studios contains every bit of the real sniper; a foldable tripod, a jack to hold telescopic vision, a trigger and a magazine. It uses Lego rounds and can shoot them with as much power as an air gun.

In the video below you can see the LEGO rifle drilling the target set by the user.

Via: YouTube

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