A paper USB flash drive that you can fold, rip and recycle

Intellipaper has released a USB flash drive that is printed on a paper and is fully functional. Whole memory chip has been entrenched on paper, making it the world’s first that can be folded, ripped and recycled. Andrew DePaula and his team are the inventors of this great technology. The drive is made from intelliPaper’s patented “intelligent paper.”

intelliPaper USB Drive

Paper USB drive can hold the kind of data that a normal flash drive can and is easy to use. Most importantly it will help reduce the toxic waste from plastics as most of the drive is made of paper only. The drive can come along in a postcard, handout, business card, etc (all the paper materials).

intelliPaper USB Drive

According to the company, main aim of the project is to provide these drives to customers for cheap. The project has been launched on Indiegogo to meet a $300,000 goal.

Via: TND

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