Record made of ice actually works on a record player

From Sweden comes the band Shout Out Louds which is credited for producing novel and kicky sounds for nearly a decade now. Their latest release is christened ‘Optica’ and to puff up its launch and presence, they’ve come up with a  very newfangled method of listening their music on well…ice.

Blue Ice.. ice record

 This is done in view to promote their song ‘Blue Ice’, the group, united with their record label Bud Fox Recording sent to a few select media a specialised kit which includes instructions on how to create a working record out of nothing but ice and make it actually work on a record player.

 To know precisely how this would work, one has to know in depth about the working of a vinyl record but suffice to say that the process does work and listener is able to enjoy the music at 30 per cent of its original quality. The group has also provided a brief instructional video (above) which takes one from using the mold to shape the ice, to eventually having the ice record under the needle and playing.

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