A Solar-Powered unmanned aircraft can fly all day long but comes with an extreme price tag

The Silent Falcon is an unmanned drone that draws most of its power from sun and can fly for 14 hours. A Mexico startup named Albuquerque, has introduced this six-foot long aircraft. The drone comes with a very heavy price label of $250,000 to $300,000 but some of the government and law enforcement agencies are looking forward to it.

The Silent Falcon’s portability allows you to launch it by hand sound of the drone is so low that it can’t be heard from a distance of 100 mts. Silent Falcon can also record hi-def videos and send back footage, camera equipped is infrared so that the drone could capture videos at night also. It’s loaded with very thin and lightweight solar panels on the wing that allows it to draw power from the sun.

The aircraft will be available in three different models, ranging in wing sizes from 7 to 17 feet. The intention of its build is that it can fly all day long and keep a watch on disasters, crimes, wildlife, etc. on land.

Via: Forbes

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