A tattoo that monitors your heath and reflects it with a smile

Sensor technology is a widely used aid in exploring and understanding the human body better. This technology is apparently taken an evolutionary turn as it becomes wearable in the form of a tattoo.

Vinci Hung, a PhD candidate at University of Toronto has developed a tiny tattoo which looks like a smiley face with a hat on it. The tattoo is actually an ion-selective electrode that monitors pH levels of human skin while relating them to metabolic changes in our body. Such technology has been around in the past as well but Hung’s innovation lies in that he’s developed a device that has sensors which can cling to the body and are not moved by sweat or movement. In terms of design, the eyes of the tattoo work as the reference electrodes while the ears are the contacts needed for a measuring device.

The tattoo was created using a standard screen printer, and it’s as harmless and temporary as any rub-on tattoos that you might find in a toy store. Currently, there are no announced plans to take this sensor tattoo commercial, but Hung has published a detailed paper outlining its development and implementation here.

Via: MedGadget

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