A Toyota car fully customized into Gundam themed car

A hobby event in Tokyo, Japan unveiled a Gundam inspired car. The car has been fully customized into Char Aznable, a character from the Gundam series. Everything in and out of the car has been personalized by Toyota itself. The red colored “Auris Char Aznable” concept car can be considered for mass production, if there is enough demand for it- Toyota’s agent.

Gundam car

Toyota Auris has been very neatly and beautifully decorated with Gundam theme, nice cool exteriors display Zeon army elegantly, steering wheel has a yellow Gundam logo, brakes, doors and even the bumper of car drops a bit of Gundam. Red and black color of the car goes very well with the subject matter.

Gundam car 2

Gundam car 3

Gundam car 4

Gundam car 6

Via: Kotaku

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