A vending machine that protects unknown pregnancies from the hazards of alcohol consumption

It is a well-established fact that alcohol consumption during pregnancy makes the possibility of birth defects almost a sure thing. However, some women consume alcohol while being unaware of being pregnant. This can bear serious implications on the heath of the unborn. Therefore to avoid serious lifelong impairment to the fetus and to ease women off the fear of innocent prenatal drinking, Healthy Brains for Children has come up with a very handy solution.

Healthy Brains for Children is a non-profit organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The organization has come up with a vending machine which apprises women of unknown pregnancy before they consider consuming alcohol. The machine’s interface comprises of a slot for swiping Credit/Debit cards which are charged $3 per test. These machines are to be installed in bars and pubs chiefly. In fact, one pub in Mankato, south of Minneapolis-St. Paul by the name of Pub 500, has already installed a machine in the rest room.

According to Healthy brains for children’s website, over 30 percent of married women and about 70 percent of women in the age group of 20-29 are having unexpected pregnancies. Consumption of alcohol during this state of unawareness often invokes unmerited yet serious regret. Hence the machine’s console rightly reads ‘Think before you drink’. The current aim of the organization is to install about a hundred of these machines locally and then if the idea is well received and proves beneficial, a global installation may also be endeavored at.

Via: TheBlaze

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