Star Wars inspired Aerofex hovering vehicle turns as you tilt

The first time we saw speeder bikes in Star Wars, I bet, each one of you wanted one for yourself. ‘Return of the Jedi’ also inspired many to make one for real, and now a firm in California named Aerofex developed a mechanical system that allows a vehicle to hover naturally and control the vehicle just by leaning movements of the pilot.

Aerofex hovering bike

The hovering vehicle looks very much like a speeder bike from ‘Return of the Jedi’ and has two big rotors beneath it to help it hover. The design had arrived in 1960’s but the production was withheld due to technical limitations. The hovering vehicle’s intuitive control allows anyone to control the vehicle without any pilot training. Flight software has been embedded inside the brain of Aerofex, which isn’t revealed by scientists of the firm’s.

Aerofex hovering vehicle

The Aerofex hovering vehicle has been tested in Mojave Desert and it can hover for up to 12 feet in the air with a speed of up to 50km/h. The firm says that the vehicle will be ideal for battlefields, medical emergencies and rescue operations. A new version of Aerofex i.e. 2.0 will be tested in sOctober 2012.

Via: InnovationNewsDaily

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