An app for iPhone that lets you create as many phone numbers for your original number

A new app for iPhone lets users create several disposable phone numbers in lieu of the original one. These phone numbers are not actually fake but functional. They can be used like the usual ones i.e. for phone calls and SMS’s to reach you, only, they come with an expiry.


Privacy is a personal prerogative which is dear to all. It’s always distasteful having to give away your digits to anyone and everyone. The last thing you want is to be pestered with unwanted calls and texts at the most unwanted times. Keeping this in mind, Ad Hoc Labs have come up with a highly useful app which generates multiples phone numbers for your mobile phone, all leading to your phone. The benefit you say? Well, each of these “mirror images” of your actual number will have a specific life span after which they will become redundant and unimportant contacts will cease from reaching you. It’s like giving away your number and yet not giving it!

The ingenious app is named as “Burner”. Life span of the disposable number is supported by the amount of credit you pay. Not only Burner lets you make calls and do SMS’s with disposable numbers, it can also tag a name to the number of the person you have given it to so you know that which invented number has been given to whom. So now it’s up to you to stay out of touch from those who “touch” you too much.

Via: DigitalTrends

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