An engineer from NASA gives full instructions on how to make a Mars Curiosity Rover out of LEGOs

“Mars Curiosity Rover” has been quite a buzz since past few days. The thing has attracted every man’s attention. Engineers, hackers, artists and many more are trying to build the Rover out of their talent. But actually building a full scale and working model of Mars Curiosity Rover out of LEGOs is a very difficult task. A common man would not be able to make it anyhow. Therefore a mechanical engineer from NASA Stephen Pakbaz, made building a MSL out of LEGOs an easy task. Stephen provided all detailed steps on LEGO.CUUSOO and Rebrickable (pdf file).

These instructions give detailed information on actual parts of the rover and uses of the actual parts. It will be very easy for you to make a detailed model of Mars Curiosity Rover by following these instructions and also learn about the Rover. So, go ahead and try one making for yourself, have fun.

Via: Construction-Toys

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