Gigantic scorpion sculpture vehicle blows fire from its tail

Although some creatures are awfully deadly yet their fierce appearance fascinates us. Spiders, snakes, lizards, scorpions and dragons all lie in the same category. A small place in Nevada desert in US is recently witnessing these types of creatures, with the only difference that they are manmade.

scorpion breathes fire

Burning Man, a festival taking place in Nevada desert is being attended by people all around the world gathered to exhibit bizarre sculptures and vehicles. Talking about the deadly creatures, Kirk Jellum, who is an aerospace engineer, built an enormous fire-breathing scorpion. Isn’t that deadly! The engineer was so much passionate and enthusiastic about the “Burning Man” that he quitted his job and decided to go in for making the fire-breathing scorpion to display in the festival. The inspiration was taken from Ken Murdoc who has been taking part in this festival since many years.

The huge fire-breathing scorpion is built on a 28 feet long international boom truck and holds 3,000 pounds of steel. It’s a very complex sculpture. There are 20 points of articulation in all and each joint moves with a set of levers inside the vehicle. Legs, tail, arms and claws of the scorpion are movable. Fire comes out from the tail and the mystic effects of fire are carried out by computer and Arduino programs. A stereo system and LED lights make it a remarkable creature to have a glance upon. It took a total of 20 days of designing and 145 days of construction to complete it.

scorpion breathes fire

scorpion breathes fire 2

scorpion breathes fire

Via: Gizmodo

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