Ben Heck gives tank-like motor control and joystick-like foot control to a wheelchair

Ben Heck is known for hacks and mods on gaming consoles. Never did he thought about hacking for a nobel cause, but this time Ben Heck actually did it for a physically disabled dad, who is about to become a father. Josh Benhart visited Ben and requested him to build a wheelchair for him that he could use while carrying his newborn along. Ben couldn’t refuse and he took the project, although, the project wasn’t able to complete on time, Ben finished it with great zeal.

Ben Heck wheelchair

Ben simply fixed an attachment on Josh’s wheelchair, he fixed a 3D printed arch like structure on top of a joystick, so that the wheelchair could be easily driven using just a foot. The mechanical part was setting up a tank-like motorized control mechanism, which is too strong and will not dysfunction easily. The “tank-like motorized control mechanism” is set on back of the wheelchair and the joystick-dome is set on footrest of the wheelchair.

Ben says, not being a parent himself, he understands that there is an immeasurable bond between a parent and a child and therefore he agreed to do the project.

Via: PRNewswire

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