botanyBOT waters all your plants automatically

How we wished someone could open the main door for us, do all our household chores and even water our plants. Technology has already made most of the things possible but watering plants was always manual. But not anymore.  A plant watering system named as “botanyBOT” has been created by a team Arduino garden. The system has got a pump and water storing capacity along with other electrical parts.


Its working logic is quite simple. The system has a sensor that senses the dryness of the soil and turns the pump ‘on’ thereby pumping water to the plant. The botanyBOT even notifies its user when tank is empty and when it delivers water to the plant. Water settings are in control of the user who can change the level of water to be delivered. This automatic plant watering system saves lots of water and won’t let any plant in house be neglected.

botanyBOT: plant watering system

The project is lead by 4 people called Melisa Lopardo, Madeline Perry, Aubrey Gracie Sanford and Samantha Yang. Scroll down for more images and instructions on how the botanyBOT works.

botanyBOT: plant watering system

Push notifications sent directly from the botanyBOT to a mobile device.

botanyBOT: plant watering system

Settings Guide

botanyBOT: plant watering system botanyBOT: plant watering system

botanyBOT: plant watering system

Attractive moisture sensor placed in the soil.

botanyBOT: plant watering system

Pull-out spout for refilling the water storage tank.

Via: botanyBot

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