Caran d’Ache’s Caelograph pen exudes stunning beauty of the night sky

A writing instrument for those who like reaching for the ‘stars’. Caran d’Ache has introduced a sensational line of fountain and roller pens that spout of magnificence and grandeur. Strikingly arresting in looks and awe-inspiring in functionality, the Caelograph range of pens is designed to map the movement of the stars with varieties in platinum, gold and rose gold.


Gerardus Mercator in 1569 had developed a cogent technique of mapping, which for its name shared the founder’s family name. This is the first time that the well-founded mercator technique has been employed on a pen to precisely engrave on its barrel a cylindrical map. The craftspeople at Caran d’Ache have applied the technique to effect by meticulously charting all the 51 constellations and 353 stars which are available to observation from the northern hemisphere. This map entwines the entire pen’s body.


The Caelograph is optimised to even observe changes in the relative position of the stars to the Earth’s. A facile calibration of the pen brings forth a rotating semi-transparent sleeve causing to reveal the visible part of the sky, the horizon line, the compass and the zenith- a devilishly genius contraption. The pens come in three variants: the Alpha, which is platinum- coated and is available in 120 fountain pen and 120 roller pen specimens. The quantities are in conjunction with the 12 zodiac constellations and the 12 months.celestial-light-caran-dache-caelograph-collection_4

Another variation of the fine article is the Zenith. Crafted in solid rose gold and embellished by incrusted 22 twinkling diamonds, the number signifying the 22 brightest stars visible from our planet. Each Caelograph is bundled with a matching compass and inkwell, both articles no less in majesty. These fine luxurio   us contrivances come along with a lifetime guarantee.


Via: Luxury-Insider

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