CataCoffin packs a CataCombo Sound System, dead-on for the ‘Vampire Devil’ inside you

A coffin is something that straight away relates to death, it also depicts vampires and undead creatures. It can’t be rightly said that vampires actually exist but if you are fascinated by them and want to live like them then this CataCombo Sound System coffin is the thing for you. CataCoffin is a product by Swedish company named Pause and comes for an impressive $30,000. The coffin packs a 2.1 speaker system, 8-inch subwoofer and tweeters.

CataCoffin 1

The coffin features a CataTomb tombstone music server boasting 2.5 GHz Intel processor and a 4G wireless connection that enables you to make online playlists. A 7” LCD that connects to the tombstone displays current track and other tracks information and can be placed inside the coffin. There is a CataPlay application that synchronizes with Spotify so that someone outside the coffin can help you control the playlist. Have a look at the video below to see its how it functions. More images after the break.

CataCoffin 2

CataCoffin 3


Via: Geekologie

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