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Life-size replica of Tie Fighter Spacecraft by Star wars fans is a masterpiece

Another amazing masterpiece by Star Wars passionate fans has come into limelight. A life-size model of the ‘Tie Fighter’ spacecraft has been created by a team of German Star Wars admirers. The 1:2 scale replica of Tie Fighter has been crafted using plastic, wood and steel which took almost 2 years for completion. The Darth Vader’s Tie fighter was publicized in Eichenzell, Germany and has become a hot topic of discussion among Star wars fan since then.

Hyundai created a Zombie Survival Vehicle equipped with machine guns

Hyundai's Veloster Zombie Survival Machine

Last year’s Zombie apocalypse vehicle was an outstanding creation by Hyundai and no one had actually thought that anything better than this could be created. But Hyundai has done it again by creating Veloster Zombie Survival Machine. The company has joined hands with Robert Kirkman to unveil this masterpiece at 2013’s San Diego Comic Con. Just to make you familiar with the guy, Robert Kirkman is mind behind “The Walking Dead.”

Sports car made out of cardboard is awfully Eco-friendly

race car made out of cardboard and plywood by Aston University

A race car made out of cardboard and plywood was presented by students of Aston University at Shell Eco-Design competition. Judges of the competition were enthralled by the creation and decided to rank this car no. 1 among all the other creations. Yes, the car won the competition. It is also an Eco-friendly car as it is powered by Hydrogen. Also, the car is created in such a way that it folds entirely when required, for easy transportation (shipping, etc.)

Get your kid a Corvette this Christmas

Remember when you were too young to drive? The site of your dad or neighbour pulling out their cars from the garages would get you all yearning and eager. You wished you could drive, and drive just about any car and not necessarily a fancy one. Well, the present times are much benevolent for the toddlers of today. Don’t be surprised if you see a juvenile face whizzing past you in a flashy Corvette at 6 miles an hour!

A kit that lets you make your own sailboat

DIY Sailboat Kit by Balmain Boat Company

Balmain Boat Company has found an excellent way to entertain you this summer. They have come up with the DIY Sailboat Kit. This kit allows you to build your very own sailboat in just a few hours. All you need to do is get equipped with hammer, drill and caulking gun and follow the instructions on the manual.

Self balancing Hovertrax is the fun way of personal transportation


I’ve always wanted an easy and fun way of travelling short distances. I am quite sure you too wanted the same. Just for some guys like us, Inventist, a company that makes compact personal transportation vehicles, has unveiled Hovertrax. Hovertrax is a self-balancing, light-weight and small transporter that can carry you around at 6mph for 4 miles on a single charge. It can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor transportation.

Extreme Mod: Bike with an aircraft engine

Sternmotorbike: Bike With Aircraft Engine

We’ve featured many bizarre vehicles earlier, last week a huge bike with tractor tyres stole the show. Today is the time for Sternmotorbike, a bike powered by an airplane engine. The bike has 9 cylinders and not even a single silencer. I think the designer wants everyone to hear the bike roar. It took about one and a half years for Frank Ohle (designer of the bike) to complete this masterpiece.

Real-life Batmobile all set to compete in a 3,000 mile road rally

Batmobile Batman Tumbler

Who wouldn’t want to race in a Batmobile? Team Galag, who seems to be a die-hard fan of Batman has built a real-life Batman Tumbler to compete in a race called the “Gumball 3000 Rally.” This Batman Tumbler cost the team a whopping £1 million ($1.6 million) to build. You can well imagine how rich the team members would be when they are spending the huge amount just to build this completely road legal Batmobile.

TF-X: Next Gen flying car flies vertically just like a helicopter

TF-X Flying Car

Wouldn’t it be better if in the future we all travel in a flying car, that too a flying car that flies like a helicopter? Certainly it will be. With the aim of making a flying car for future transportation Terrafugia, a company from Woburm, MA, has taken an initiative. The company is now focused to develop a flying car with retractable wings, retractable so that it could be driven on the roads too.

Huge motorbike with tractor tyres is made of junk

Huge Chinese Motorbike

Chinese people are awesome in making things out of junk. This amazing motorcycle has also been made from junk by a chap known as Abulajon who is from Manas County, Xinjiang China. The huge bike would surely make all the bike riders jealous of its grand looks. It took Abulajon a whole year to complete the bike as well as he spent 8000 yuan (Rs. 70,000) in building it.

Intelligent Bike Light flashes and alerts the rider on sensing danger

Riding a bicycle is fun but driving on busy roads among other hefty automobiles is sure to leave you with safety concerns. IDEO London hosted a two days event where designers and hackers from all across the world exhibited their brilliance and expertise. Jeremy Innes-Hopkins an Industrial Designer along with his team created a very useful device for cycle safety.

23 radio controlled cars pull a ‘Dogsled’

Creativity has no limits and when great artists like Mai Yamashita and Naoto KobayashiIn think of doing something different, innovations are bound to happen. ‘Dogsled’ is a project worked upon by the above mentioned artists that works with a wheeled sledge and 23 toy cars. The toy cars are remote controlled and are masked with fur to make them comparable to sledge pulled by dogs.

Orcasub: A private submarine to take you deep down lavishly

Spymaster's Orcasub Submarine

Who wouldn’t want to go deep down the beauteous “Seven Seas” and explore the fascinating world beneath? Well, if you happen to be some creature that can swim in water for several hours it would be easier. But you cannot. Just to assist you in doing so, a UK store Harrods exhibited an effigy of Spymaster’s Orcasub in Technology Showcase 2.0. Orcasub is a private submarine that can be controlled via a joystick and can go deep down to 2,000 ft.

Paddling, a human powered helicopter to fly you anywhere

A very unique, reliable and efficient helicopter is here to amaze you. The most interesting thing about the helicopter is that it is human powered, making it one of a kind. Design of rotor is the most essential part in the creation of this helicopter. Its efficiency could be made out from the fact that it can lift 300 pounds using 300 watts or even less. The astounding project has been undertaken by Kenneth Huff of Georgia.