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It’s an RC car chase and everything is made of cardboard

Car Race

Every now and then we see a car chase in movies. It may be fake or real but it definitely makes one hold one’s breath. Another great car chase has been shot by a Youtube user FinalCutKing which is real in terms of “Radio Controlled miniature cars” but fake in terms of the city through which cars are driven. The cars are radio controlled Ford Mustangs and the city is made up of cardboards, spray paint and glue. Anyway, it’s the best RC car chase I’ve ever seen. See it in the video below.

Snow Cycle is a tricycle meant to give u a safe thrill on a snowy slope

There is splendid news for bicycle lovers. The riders can now fulfill their yearning to ride even in snow and that too without injuring themselves as well as passersby. This adventurous cycle is termed as the Snow Cycle and would become your favorite ride especially in winters. It has been designed at Oberndorf in Austria and has set the Guinness World record for longest vertical slide.

CES 2013: boomBOTTLE bike speaker by Scosche will make biking fun for riders

At CES, a number of modern appliances and accessories make their first appearance every year and some products and commodities are rated better and different than others in one way or other. Here we have one example i.e boomBOTTLE Bluetooth speaker by Scosche, a world renowned electronics company. Appearance of bike speaker is enticing for all age group riders.

iPhone controlled Mercedes Benz car to be unveiled at CES 2013, features playable speakers

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG RC TOP

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is a brand new RC car to be unveiled at CES 2013 by Silverlit. The car is controlled using an iPhone, iPad or an iPod through an app and Bluetooth connectivity. The app also allows you to sense force feedback from your device while you control the car.

Finnjet, a stunning 29m limousine is crafted completed from junk


The 29-foot long limousine will surely amaze you not because of its price but because of its junk made body. The vehicle has been named as Finnijet and is owned by a 72 years old chauffeur named Antti Rahko from Finland. It took him almost 10 years to complete the vehicle. He began work by assembling two Mercedes Benz station wagons along with various other parts from different vehicles including Chrysler Imperial 1962.

Swarovski and gold studded bikes are the new way to roll in ‘Green luxury’

Now here’s something which may not qualify as an ideal gift for placing under the Christmas tree, all wrapped up but is a great gift nonetheless. For bicycle lovers, here’s a ride for lifetime. A made in Russia lowrider bike costs $30000 and is an eclectic beauty composed of Italian leather and decked with over 1500 Swarovski tattoos.

Rebel fighters from Syria made a tank out of car junk, controlled via gaming remote

Homemade Tank

Rebels from Syria have built an actual tank out of cars outer body parts. According to its builder, Mahmud Abud, it was built to take Bashar Assad’s (President) province. It took a total of one month and $10,000 to complete the tank.

Fancy a Flying Car? This Flying Motor Tricycle will give you a super flight time over the traffic

Flying Tricycle

How many times have you wished your car could just coast past the mortifying traffic aerially, avoiding rampant vehicular deadlocks which show no signs of budging? Apparently, a bright Texan inventor by the name of Larry Neal has brought this fancy to life with his invention ‘The super sky cycle’.

Jet Powered Batman Batmobile is up for grabs on eBay for $620,000

Are you a Batman fan? Willing to buy a Batmobile at any cost? Then this jet turbine powered Batmobile is the right thing for you. Even though it is way too expensive but super details of the car and a jet powered engine won’t let a Batman follower disappointed. The vehicle has same weight and power as of the Dodge Viper so you can well imagine how fast it would be.

The world’s first subsea limousine ‘CE5’ submarine features touch screen controls

C-Explorer 5 Submarine

U-Boat Worx, a company renowned to make the world class submersibles has now unveiled the C-Explorer 5. C-Explorer 5 is a class submarine which is dubbed as the ‘world’s first subsea limousine’ by its creators. C-Explorer 5 can also be called the CE5, accommodates four people in all with air conditioning for comfortable ride. It comes for a huge amount of $2.4 million making it a toy for the rich. It took nearly two years for the makers to complete this submarine and finish it with ultra comforting features.

This life-sized Porsche 917 replica has a fully functional Le Mans race track inside

Porsche 917 replica_1

Porsche 917 replica has a working wooden Le Mans race track of 1:32 scale inside it. It is built as an honour to 1971 Le Mans movie starring ‘The King of Cool,’ Steve McQueen. It has been painted in the same color scheme as the original Porsche 917 and bears the same #20 race number. Although, it comes for a grand $125,000 but the built evens the huge amount. 

Single seater electric helicopter is perfect for commute plus the rescue operations

Personal helicopter

International Aerospace Exhibition in Nagoya recently unveiled a flying machine. It is a single seater electric helicopter that would be ideal for personal transportation as well as for rescue operations in the future. Hirobo is the company behind the project which will mass produce the machine by 2021. The helicopter will come in three versions- unmanned version for transfer of time sensitive materials like organs or blood, single seater version that will also help in personal transportation and two seater version which will be in the works in near future.

3D printed Aston Martin for James Bond film Skyfall is detailed to the core

Aston Martin 3D

James bond new film Skyfall is all set to flaunt the Aston Martin model DB5 that would make the film look more realistic. Voxeljet’s innovative 3D printing technology has built this model especially for the exploding car scene in the movie. Three such models have been created for the movie.  The Aston Martin DB 5 is not just a prototype of the priceless car from 60’s but also features meticulous work to meet the demands of the movie.

SSR-X is a fabulous Carbon Fiber PC case mod inspired from Jets

Carbon fiber computer case mod

Modding of PC cases can be a spectacle or it can even end up in a complete disaster, all depending on creativity and designing. A bit-tech forums user “Cleveland216” aka Dave Biro has completed a magnificent mod marking a respect to aircraft design. The modding has been done using carbon fiber as well as aluminium core for the outer shell of the case and the final result is awesome. No doubt he calls himself the Carbon Fiber King. Dave built a very complex aircraft like design to fit the computer parts in place. Sharp edges in the mod enhance the beauty of his design.

F1 Ferrari car replicated using LEGO bricks

Good news for LEGO admirers, a 1:1 replica of F1 Ferrari car has been created by a 16 member team from LEGO productions in Czech Republic. The replica has been created to celebrate F1 hit in Singapore. It took around six months to design the replica and around ten days to assemble it. So much of time was consumed because LEGO bricks were individually assembled and pasted on a steel frame.