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Five futuristic Tablet concepts

Future Tablets

As tablets become more valuable and integrated in the mobile community, tech giants such as Apple and Samsung are in constant search of innovative means to put their creative content on the map. The Business Insider said that these gizmos are expected to exceed the mobile budgets in the next four to five years. While 2013 has been witnessing a profound improvement in terms of tablet innovations, mobile developers and analysts are still showing a glimpse of the near future, with a large potential of changing the dimension of the mobile ecosystem.

Now experience rich Holographic imaging via your smartphone’s screen using HOLHO

Now here’s something worthy of a Sheldon Cooper ‘BAZINGA’! Holographic Displays which generate richly textured images in thin air have so far been imagined to be restricted to sophisticated labs and studios. But HOLHO aims to bring that same experience to us all owning smartphone and tablets with HOLHO holographic displays.

Air-Powered trousers enhance joint power in humans

The Royal College of London has recently devised a unique breed of clothing with enhances joint power. The design students behind the invention say that although in prototype stage, the air-powered clothing uses a series of connected air bags placed over the limbs which initiate the physical lift.

Transform any object in your home into an iPad like touchscreen

Have you ever wished to transform normal things around you in a way that would allow them to respond to your touch like touchscreen tablets do? Yes, isn’t that amazing? Two PhD students, John Hardy and Carl Ellis of Lancaster University have made this possible by creating a technology that can transform any object into a tablet computer. This new technology is christened ‘Ubi Displays’ and it requires a computer and a projector along with a camera to complete the touch display.

A computer so tiny and efficient that it works in and out of the human body

With the advancement in technology, the size of gadgets is reducing considerably. The nano-breakthroughs have revolutionized the entire world and this time it is an entire operational computer which has been miniaturized. This tiny computer is less than one cubic millimeter in size and is a brain child of a team from the University of Michigan. The most fascinating part is that it is the world’s smallest computer. It has been named as Michigan Micro Mote or M3 and can efficiently perform functions like data storage, wireless communication etc.

TF-X: Next Gen flying car flies vertically just like a helicopter

TF-X Flying Car

Wouldn’t it be better if in the future we all travel in a flying car, that too a flying car that flies like a helicopter? Certainly it will be. With the aim of making a flying car for future transportation Terrafugia, a company from Woburm, MA, has taken an initiative. The company is now focused to develop a flying car with retractable wings, retractable so that it could be driven on the roads too.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a girlfriend! This coat will never let you feel alone

Riajyuu Coat

If you don’t have a girlfriend and you feel alone! No more worries. Japanese researchers have invented a coat that hugs you from behind and lets you feel like you are being hugged by a girl. You also hear girl-whispers in your ear through a pair of headphones. Riajyuu Coat is what the developers call it. Designed by the engineers at the University of Tsukuba, the concept of the coat is clear as to make everyone feel that they have a girlfriend and are never alone.

4D printing technology enables objects to reassemble themselves over time

A new evolving technology has been put forward by an architect and computer scientist Skylar Tibbits. Using this concept, printing of such objects would be possible that can reunite themselves with time. Skylar Tibbits, who is also an MIT professor, has termed it as ‘4D printing’ using time as the fourth dimension. This is because printed objects reassemble themselves and take the original shape over a definite period of time.

Doggie Talkie lets you talk to your ‘best friend’ over long distances

Doggie Talkie

It’s rightly said that “a dog is a man’s best friend.” Your dog deserves all your love and care in the world. Just to make your relation with your dog a bit stronger a dog lover “Elizabeth Bailey Christenbury” has made a device called Doggie Talkie that lets you communicate with your dog over long distances. The device is attached to the dog’s collar and with help of a Smartphone, Hot-Spot and WI-FI technology it can receive commands so that your pet can hear them.

Solar-copter is the world’s first solar panel that flies to find sunlight

Solar panels are not able to offer their 100 percent because they do not remain in sunlight all day long. But what if we have a solar panel that flies itself to different areas at different times of a day in search of sunlight? The amazing vision of creating a flying Solar-copter is a brainchild of the students at Queen Mary University of London.

Tentacle Prosthetic can grip things like real hands do

Life without limbs is really tough. All thanks to researchers and doctors who have come a long way in designing prosthetics. So many times we have seen limbs that look real but today we will be discussing a unique design which is brain child of Kaylene Kau. The tentacle prosthetic design is quite unconventional and weird. The tentacle design is bizarre but beautifully dexterous.

CONDOR is a carbon fiber sports wheelchair inspired from skateboards

condor wheelchair

The sports wheelchair that we are going to talk about in the article is termed as Condor Marathon’s Wheelchair and is it’s a concept designed by Juan Gill with the help of experts in this field. The final product had been manufactured after doing quite a bit research in the field. The research conducted in Argentina demonstrated that maximum people avoided sport wheelchairs or used secondhand wheelchairs because of their expensive prices. Therefore an effort has been done to craft a comfortable and new chair for users who cannot afford high priced wheelchairs.

Decelerator helmet presents the world in slow motion after filtering the environment

The “decelerator helmet” as the name suggests allows the user to understand the world in a total slow motion. The unique design has been crafted by a German artist  Lorenz Potthast. Technical senses are entrusted in the helmet that offers experimental approach to one of the most significant topic of the globalized world. The apparatus works by breaking the stream of time under operator’s control.

Gloveless hand tracker by Microsoft allows easy interaction with electronics

With user friendly interfaces coming up with a great pace, a new interface has come up that tracks the movement of its users. The new technology has been created by Microsoft and is termed as Digits. The device is worn on a user’s wrist from where it tracks the hand movements. The unique feature of the device is you need not wear any glove with it. Its efficiency could be made out from the fact that it detects hand positions in 3D, which means you can turn a book page or zoom in the page by just lifting your hand.

Palla ball is a video game controller without buttons or sticks

palla smart bal

Researchers at University of Turin, Italy have developed a gaming device that contains no buttons or sticks. Surprisingly, the controller is a ball, a smart ball that uses an accelerometer, a magnetometer and a gyroscope to make the ball function properly and intuitively. The Palla is a wireless device and works by rolling along a surface.