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The Ludo is a soccer ball that generates cash as you kick it

The Ludo

Uncharted Play brought forth Soccket, a soccer ball that produced and stored electricity while you played with it. Now the same company is bringing a feel-good soccer ball that will help you in good deeds. The ball will generate some cash for social welfare i.e. building schools and hospitals, as and when you kick the ball.

In the future, nanoparticles may self-assemble themselves into chips and other definite structures

Chips assemble themselves

Dr. Eric M. Furst of University of Delaware and his postdoctoral researchers are imbued in making scalable forms of technology a reality. The findings of the group of scientists were published on September 17th in the Proceedings of the National Academics of Science (PNAS). The findings are titled ‘Multi-scale kinetics of a field directed colloidal phase transition’. The article elucidates the team’s research on colloids which are microscopic particles, a hundredth in diameter of a human hair. It is illustrated in the article how these microscopic ‘building blocks’ can be instructed to autonomously assemble on their own, into specific structures.

Wearable sensor network to control body postures in the most nervous situations

New techy products are launched every day to make your life easy and better and we believe that RiSR would do the same. Wearable technology is the new hit in the market and RiSR is based on the same thought. RiSR is a blessing for those introverts who always feel shy interacting with new faces. The product has been designed in form of a network of sensors synchronized with an infrared camera and it works by sending vibrations to your body pose to make it correct. So in short, you can define this product as a body correction device. It helps in improving your social life by teaching you how to control nervousness while on date or grasp respect in the office.

NASA funding a weird plane that flies sideways to go supersonic


NASA is financially supporting a concept plane that can be weird for us while we imagine it. The concept plane can fly sideways and can go supersonic by rotating 90 degrees. A researcher at University of Miami named Gecheng Zha along with his team is developing a similar plane funded by NASA with $100,000. The team will get $100,000 more when they show remarkable progress in its development. The name of this concept plane is SBiDir-FW.

SmartThings, a smart way to manage everyday things in your house


Technological advancements have made our life quite simple and easy. SmartThings is a similar innovative technology that would surely amaze you with its extreme accuracy and usefulness. The project has been funded by Kickstarter and is a magnificent wireless system operated through a smartphone. The aim behind the project is to exhibit the completely programmed homes. The device can be used for connecting locks, lights, thermostat and even pantry appliances to the internet.

PEO device doesn’t allow access to PC unless you are absolutely fit

Personal Energy Orb

People are struggling for fitness these days and the main cause is obesity. Sitting in front of PC and surfing internet all day long makes the condition worse. Considering this ‘Janko Hofmann’ and ‘Fabian Pammer’ developed a device for a course at the University of Munich that blocks your access to the computer unless you’ve travelled a good distance on your bike. PEO (Personal Energy Orb) is a concept device that compels you to do exercise on your bike to balance the time spent on your computer.

World’s first 3D printed fully functional gun you can make at your home

3D printed weapon

Who doesn’t want to own a gun? But all laws and expense for handling weapons isn’t that easy to afford. Keeping this in mind a group named as “Defense Distributed” lead by a guy named Cody Wilson launched a project called “Wiki Weapon Project.” The project aims to design world’s first firearm that can be downloaded from the internet, can be printed with a 3D printer and can fire actual rounds.

A credit card sized device ‘electronic nose’ can detect every odour in the air

Electronic nose

Engineering prof. Nosang Myung who is based at University of California is working with Nano Engineered Applications, and has developed a device that can sniff presence of any kind of substance around it. Nosang says that the device is just a prototype and includes a computer chip, USB ports, and temperature and humidity sensors. The device would be very useful in every sector. It would detect presence of gas leaks in industrial sectors, pesticide levels in agriculture sectors, chemical conflicting agents in military sector and will also be helpful for police to empty drugs from pockets of drug dealers.

Facebook phone by Tolga Tuncer contains every feature that Facebook has

Facebook phone by Tolga Tuncer

A compact slider phone with aluminum casing is what Tolga Tuncer concept phone for Facebook looks like. The beautiful facebook phone contains every feature that Facebook actually has like a “like button” in the centre. An aluminium wheel around the like button makes it fun to scroll a Facebook timeline.

Vigoris is a crazy rubber ball that recharges your gadgets after you play with it

Vigoris is a rubber ball that doubles up as a cell phone charger. It uses kinetic energy to charge itself and recharges a cell phone by converting kinetic energy into electric energy. The rubber bouncing ball Vigoris has been developed by Daniel Swann, a UK resident and a product designer.

Guitarion is a guitar that can be played with one hand, especially designed for Hemiplegics

Playing guitar has fascinated everyone, even a person who does not know anything about guitar is spellbound by its rhythms. The people suffering from Hemiplegics cannot play guitar because playing it require both hands, and therefore an engineering university has developed a guitar that can be played by the people suffering from Hemiplegics.

A bike helmet that indicates way with a shake of head

Bike Luminance is a signal light that you can attach to your bike helmet. It isn’t any ordinary signal light, Bike Luminance can do something that other bike lights cannot. Naim Busek’s Bike Luminance signal directions by just a shake of head. The lights are bright therefore can’t be ignored by other drivers. The product has been developed by a hacker in Los Angeles who works in a hacker club called Crash Space.

With a vacant driver seat, the safest car steers its way to 120 mph

When luxury and technology team up to get behind the wheel, the result is somewhat of the character of a ‘robotic chauffeur’. Recently, a circuitous race track in California witnessed an Audi TTS being deftly handled through sharp nooks and curves solely by virtue of robotics.

Adidas social media shoe has LED screen that can display tweets

Social media Shoe

Nash Money concept has evenly raised standards of the official sports sponsor of London 2012 Olympic Games. Adidas has just unveiled a social media shoe that can receive tweets from athletes. The social media shoe has been equipped with LED screen on the front and is fitted with cell phone parts from the interior. Customized software helps receive tweets and displays it on the screen.