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Gigantic scorpion sculpture vehicle blows fire from its tail

scorpion breathes fire

Although some creatures are awfully deadly yet their fierce appearance fascinates us. Spiders, snakes, lizards, scorpions and dragons all lie in the same category. A small place in Nevada desert in US is recently witnessing these types of creatures, with the only difference that they are manmade.

Stunning ‘Black Widow Spider’ case mod built from scratch

Black Widow Spider case mod

Ali Abbas is an ace in computer case modding. He has worked on many projects and has made many spectacular case mods. His latest mod is “The Black Widow” case mod, which has bagged first prize in “German Casemod Championship 2012” in ‘Casecons’ category. The inspiration for the design of the mod came from a real Black Widow spider. Most of its features are unique like widow nets of steel, the way of powering mod on/off, and many more to follow.

Californian teacher created a computer lab with grand total investment of $0

We all have grown up listining to the phrase that where there is a will there is always a way. Proving it right, Robert Litt, a school teacher in Alameda created a computer lab for students in the school lacking funds. To accomplish the purpose free software was used and around 70 computers running on Ubuntu were assembled together.

School students made a working tractor out of scrap, for donation

Tractor made from scrap

Pasadena Poly comes among one of the best schools in Los Angeles, nationally reputed to produce scholars, artists and athletes. However, these two kids who have graduated from Pasadena Poly have spent their whole summers working on building a tractor out of salvage. These students intend to donate the tractor to South Central Farmers.

Ben Heck gives tank-like motor control and joystick-like foot control to a wheelchair

Ben Heck wheelchair

Ben Heck is known for hacks and mods on gaming consoles. Never did he thought about hacking for a nobel cause, but this time Ben Heck actually did it for a physically disabled dad, who is about to become a father. Josh Benhart visited Ben and requested him to build a wheelchair for him that he could use while carrying his newborn along. Ben couldn’t refuse and he took the project, although, the project wasn’t able to complete on time, Ben finished it with great zeal.

A LEGO Sniper Rifle so powerful that it can actually drill walls

The LEGO rifle inspired by Dragunov SVU is so powerful that it can make holes through a wall. A youtube user RJGDWIz has made this striking work of art. Whole body of the rifle has been made out of Legos except the trigger mechanism which is made of a long rubber band. This Lego rifle is a bullpup variant of a sniper rifle i.e. the action mechanism lies behind the trigger.

Photographer implants computer into a DSLR Camera

David Hunt, a bright mind photographer from Ireland thought of implanting his Canon 5D Mark II with a computer, and guess what? He did it successfully. Raspberry Pi is a boon for many as it is for this artist, David inserted a Raspberry Pi worth €35 into an old and broken battery grip (after some modifications so that the computer would fit into the grip).

A homemade Star Wars snow speeder sled is made out of card board

Sledding is one of the most exciting activities for kids, adults or elders. Everyone enjoys snow sledding, but a user on the internet who is named as “Fortyozjuicebox” sledding isn’t so exciting until you sled on a “Star Wars snow speeder sled.”

LED Top hat is for the “party animal” living inside you

If you are a party fanatic and love to dress up like a “centre of attraction” thing while having fun, then this LED Top hat is what you should look forward to. A YouTube user “Safarir” has build this vivid hat to bring out the extreme out of you.

Fijibot is an autonomous solar powered robot that lives by finding light on its own

A cute little robot named Fijibot is an entirely autonomous robot that eats light to stay alive. Fijibot is self charging and uses a solar powered battery. “mikesoniat” is an Instructables user who built Fijibot and submitted all important steps in building it so that you guys can build it yourself at home.

A dazzling homemade “DeLorean” can hover on any flat surface

Hovercrafts are pretty cool things, riding a “Back to the Future” inspired hovercraft, cooler. A graduate from San Francisco, Matthew Reise is so much fascinated by the movie that he built a DeLorean hovercraft for himself out of scratch.

“Maul thy neighbor” with the mean DIY Ping Pong Ball Mauler

Out of all sports gear, a Ping Pong ball can perhaps be deemed as quite a smooth and innocuous sphere. But when this little white or orange thingy of hard plastic is loaded as ammo, the smooth and round contours can meet the human body as quite unforgiving! Meet the “Ping Pong Ball Mauler, a contrivance originated at the hands of Christian Reed, a going to be junior at MIT this year in Mechanical Engineering.

Don’t just drive your car, play it as a drum kit

Often some loose car calipers become the unintended reason behind some random musical beats. Question is, what would rhythm sound like when a car is actually dismantled into a drum kit, where every beat and clink is intended earnestly? Well you better believe us when we tell you that it’ll sound pretty smooth! Let’s check out how Jordan Hill, a South California based Mechanic/drummer turned personal conveyance into percussion!