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Self balancing Hovertrax is the fun way of personal transportation


I’ve always wanted an easy and fun way of travelling short distances. I am quite sure you too wanted the same. Just for some guys like us, Inventist, a company that makes compact personal transportation vehicles, has unveiled Hovertrax. Hovertrax is a self-balancing, light-weight and small transporter that can carry you around at 6mph for 4 miles on a single charge. It can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor transportation.

Now tweet from Huggies TwitterPee will let parents know when to change their kid’s diaper

It’s is not easy to be parents but technology has at least made the task of managing kids easier. Now you won’t have to worry about your kid’s dirty diapers and increased body temperature. This all will be done by TweePee, an amazing sensor introduced by Huggies Diapers.  Though market was already packed with baby monitors of various kinds, some to monitor baby’s breathing movements, some to measure heartbeat and temperature and some to even monitor daily growth of kid’s, but the sensor that tweets you to change your baby’s diaper is all new in the market.

Asteroid Belt is a geeky accessory that binds your waist around gaming excitement

Have you ever heard about a combination of waist belt and gaming? Weird but true. The unique belt that we are talking about lets you play video games on its buckle. Designed by Instructables user “cunning fellow”, the Asteroid Belt is a great blend of style and practicality. The best part is that it could be used as a quick time-waster when you need to kill time. The designer did not give any instructions on how he programmed it as according to him its quiet a job for a layman.

Ultra-thin EON-C card light is the world’s first credit card sized flashlight

Do you face problem in storing batteries and taking them specially while travelling? If yes, no more worries. Here comes a very sleek and stylish steel flashlight. The Eon-C classic credit card sized flashlight by Iain Sinclair is ultra-thin and has a very finished and refined look. It comes with two LEDs capable of producing a very efficient beam of light which can remain lit for 168 hours in a go.

AK-47 Rifles remodelled into fabulous watches

Inversion Principle Tourbillon watch

Fonderie 47 is an organization that produces luxury items and has been formed for the purpose of development of Africa. Peter Thum and John Zapolski, the founders of the organization, raise capital to demolish the use of AK-47’s in Africa. Their latest artefact is an Inversion Principle Tourbillon watch that is made from recycled AK-47 Rifles. The luxury watch is a limited edition creation and is limited to just 20 units.

Suitcase that ‘suits’ all your photo studio needs

Adding to the list of bizarre gadgets is a touchscreen photo booth crafted in a suitcase. Yes! Kiosk is a customized photo booth made out of a vintage suitcase. It has got 15 inch touchscreen and a Logitech c920 webcam. The most fascinating part is you can get printout of the photographs there and then. You can also post your photographs on social networking sites using the touchscreen facility.

Orcasub: A private submarine to take you deep down lavishly

Spymaster's Orcasub Submarine

Who wouldn’t want to go deep down the beauteous “Seven Seas” and explore the fascinating world beneath? Well, if you happen to be some creature that can swim in water for several hours it would be easier. But you cannot. Just to assist you in doing so, a UK store Harrods exhibited an effigy of Spymaster’s Orcasub in Technology Showcase 2.0. Orcasub is a private submarine that can be controlled via a joystick and can go deep down to 2,000 ft.

World’s cheapest mobile phone can be bought for £1


Simplicity is what you won’t find in any cell phone these days. Every mobile offers a treat for you in one way or the other. But this wasn’t what cell phones were actually meant for. A cell phone was basically meant for calling and texting and meeting these requirements is the world’s cheapest mobile phone by Alcatel. The Alcatel One touch 232 offers 1.5 inch color screen. Though the phone cannot offer modern social networking facilities but it does enable its user to listen to the radio.

Gesture-controlled armband ‘Myo’ can control your gadgets with a wave of hand

Gesture controls have made life easier and freed us from the use of conventional controls. Myo is a similar gesture control armband that works on the same principals. The armband has been created in Thalmic labs and makes use of   and motions sensors for its functioning. It tracks gestures based on the movements of your arm or wave of your hand and even slight movement of your finger.

A tattoo making robot etches religion on your forearm

Art is serendipity and religion is choice. Choice and serendipity meet midway in the Auto Ink- a robot that engraves tattoos of religious significance on forearms but the choice of religion remains random, depending on the impulses of the robot. Isn’t it eccentric? The eccentric idea behind the tattoo etching Auto Ink is of an artist’s Chris Eckert. Let’s observe the principle and mechanisms that guide Eckert’s tattoo press.

Doughnut camera is the ‘sweetest’ camera ever

My Doughnut can click pictures, what about yours? Yes, you read it right. Here comes the sweetest camera so far. The cool gadget is not only stylish in looks but also features a three mega-pixel camera and a number of fascinating shooting modes. The doughnut shaped camera has PVC coating and most of the buttons are hidden to uphold its shape. Who wouldn’t give a smile looking at the sweet doughnut camera?

Doggie Talkie lets you talk to your ‘best friend’ over long distances

Doggie Talkie

It’s rightly said that “a dog is a man’s best friend.” Your dog deserves all your love and care in the world. Just to make your relation with your dog a bit stronger a dog lover “Elizabeth Bailey Christenbury” has made a device called Doggie Talkie that lets you communicate with your dog over long distances. The device is attached to the dog’s collar and with help of a Smartphone, Hot-Spot and WI-FI technology it can receive commands so that your pet can hear them.

Enough 3D printing! Now this pen can “write” in 3D, that too in the air

3D printing is a revolution in technological world. We have witnessed various types of 3D printers but what we are going to discuss today is really different and astounding. A 3D printing pen named 3Doodler. It’s a magical pen that can create wondrous objects in air, literally. 3Doodler is touted to be the world’s first and only 3D Printing Pen. Working of the pen seems  just like a magic, a magic to draw or write anything in air.

Mood, a sustainable iPhone case breaks apart to form an acoustic speaker

Elegantly designed mood case for your iPhone is an exclusive blend of nature and technology. The case not only protects your iPhone but also imparts the warm touch to your precious gadget. Such great fusions are seen very rarely. The packaging project called Mood designed by Jacob Gerhardt was made keeping sustainability in mind.

The Nomad is a handy espresso machine that can serve you coffee anywhere, anytime

“Coffeeholics” may raise their cups as the finest brewed coffee can now be made anywhere, anytime using an innovative portable espresso machine. The machine has been named as Nomad and is believed to produce the highest quality espresso. The most attractive feature is you can relish your coffee anywhere where you can have access to coffee and hot water.