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Striking portable SNES mod is shock proof and holds 10 hrs battery backup

Portable SNES mod

Modding can do miracles. We’ve seen a lot of mods related to gaming but this portable SNES might be the simplest yet the best one ever. The portable SNES mod has been made by a redditor known as robotairz. Yes, it’s an SNES mod, not so common piece of gaming these days but the popularity and craze of this gaming console led the modder create it with elegance.

Solar power and bluetooth 4.0 combine to power and actuate a very slick game controller for your iPhone

Having a responsive and tough touch screen is all very good and rather basic now in smartphones. But say what one may, the joy of leaping over pits, collecting gold coins or shooting your nemesis with a sniper rifle is best relished with buttons. Yes, we’re talking of game controllers. A touch screen can go only so far as to simulate buttons for use within a game but the feel of the press of an actual, physical button is quite unparalleled which is why Justice Frangipane has come up with a an iPhone game controller which is unique in its own way.

This life-sized Porsche 917 replica has a fully functional Le Mans race track inside

Porsche 917 replica_1

Porsche 917 replica has a working wooden Le Mans race track of 1:32 scale inside it. It is built as an honour to 1971 Le Mans movie starring ‘The King of Cool,’ Steve McQueen. It has been painted in the same color scheme as the original Porsche 917 and bears the same #20 race number. Although, it comes for a grand $125,000 but the built evens the huge amount. 

Urban Shredder- An electric motorcycle cum skateboard by Hot Wheels

The Urban Shredder is an amazing blend of a motorcycle and a skateboard. The design is perfect to allure insane riders but the fact is that it’s is a ridable Hot Wheel toy. The Shredder is supposed to be one of the most expensive and dangerous toys for the Christmas.

Nintendo Star Wars R2-D2 case mod makes noises when poked


What could be cooler than playing your favourite 8 bit games on a custom made Nintendo Entertainment System? Major League Mods recently featured an album of a Star Wars R2-D2 NES. The console is made by Mark Bongo.

Gloveless hand tracker by Microsoft allows easy interaction with electronics

With user friendly interfaces coming up with a great pace, a new interface has come up that tracks the movement of its users. The new technology has been created by Microsoft and is termed as Digits. The device is worn on a user’s wrist from where it tracks the hand movements. The unique feature of the device is you need not wear any glove with it. Its efficiency could be made out from the fact that it detects hand positions in 3D, which means you can turn a book page or zoom in the page by just lifting your hand.

Duo Pinball iPad controller lets you play pinball like it is played on a real machine

Duo Pinball controller for iPad

We all love to play games but playing games on laptop or iPad might not give the same feel that comes with button mashing while playing a real game. The Duo Pinball iPad Controller does the same thing. A pinball controller worth $60 has been designed to bridge this gap between the real and the simulated experience of Duo pinball.

Palla ball is a video game controller without buttons or sticks

palla smart bal

Researchers at University of Turin, Italy have developed a gaming device that contains no buttons or sticks. Surprisingly, the controller is a ball, a smart ball that uses an accelerometer, a magnetometer and a gyroscope to make the ball function properly and intuitively. The Palla is a wireless device and works by rolling along a surface.

Steampunk NES casemod is an awesome creation for gaming freaks

Good news for steampunk admirers.  An extremely fascinating casemod has been created by reddit user Andrew 5785. He did it for his steampunk fan nephew who wanted to have an old Nintendo. Andrew reformed an old Nintendo system into a fine little brass retro device.

The Potal 2 sentry turret is a portal into excitement and awesomeness

The Valve store Facebook page recently featured a video of a rebelliously awesome turret developed by Weta Workshop for Portal games. Weta is renowned for bringing to life amazing turret constructs for Valve. They’d done the same in the case of the turret from Team Fortress 2. This new turret promises to be studded with extreme functionality and features.

A Vibrating Ghost glove that can make you a professional tennis player

Vibrating Ghost Glove

A vibrating ghost glove has been developed by engineers at Imperial College London. The team of engineers is led by Benedict Copping. It has been said that the glove can fill in the memory of your muscles with any professional players’ skill set. The Ghost glove can instantly download movements of great tennis stars and replicate them on you through vibrations.

Archos tablet with an inbuilt joystick will boost your gaming performance

Archos has been well known for revolutionizing the consumer electronics market and has even won award for brining innovation in electronics. The company is again in limelight for announcing their first gaming tablet. The tablet features 7inch screen and runs on Android 4.0. It also features 1.5GHz dual core processor along with a quad-core Mali 400 Graphics Processing unit. Another remarkable feature is that with the regular touchscreen, the tablet has got physical gaming controls as well. For making physical gaming tools compatible with the Android games, Archos has introduced its own gaming recognition and mapping tools.

Cooking simulator will make you a professional cook in no time

cooking simulator

Cooking is a very interesting hobby and those who love cooking, it’s a cake walk. But for the people like me who don’t know anything about cooking, it’s as difficult as taking first place in Marathon. A research group at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has made a cooking simulator which works like a video game and helps make cooking easier and interesting for people like me.

Coco case turns your iPhone into a handheld gaming console

The Coco controller is a design of Milkshake Labs that is able to transform your iPhone into a portable gaming console. Not only the case is compatible with iPhone, it also supports Samsung Galaxy S III, the iPhone 4/4S, the fourth-generation iPod touch and the forthcoming sixth-generation iPhone. The case can also be used as a joystick for other IOS devices like iPad and Macbook pro.

Xbox 360 controller wholly modified into a rugged Steampunk 360 controller

Steampunk Xbox 360 controller

Modifications on 360 controllers look striking. Having seen so many mods on them, an artist named Reader Devin decided to steampunk a 360. Reader turned a standard controller into a mechanical Victorian style art controller. He transformed it fully from buttons to the body.