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Don’t worry if you don’t have a girlfriend! This coat will never let you feel alone

Riajyuu Coat

If you don’t have a girlfriend and you feel alone! No more worries. Japanese researchers have invented a coat that hugs you from behind and lets you feel like you are being hugged by a girl. You also hear girl-whispers in your ear through a pair of headphones. Riajyuu Coat is what the developers call it. Designed by the engineers at the University of Tsukuba, the concept of the coat is clear as to make everyone feel that they have a girlfriend and are never alone.

4D printing technology enables objects to reassemble themselves over time

A new evolving technology has been put forward by an architect and computer scientist Skylar Tibbits. Using this concept, printing of such objects would be possible that can reunite themselves with time. Skylar Tibbits, who is also an MIT professor, has termed it as ‘4D printing’ using time as the fourth dimension. This is because printed objects reassemble themselves and take the original shape over a definite period of time.

World’s first 3D printed football shoe can increase players speed

3D printed 'NIKE vapor laser talon' football boot

Nike Vapor Laser Talons is the world’s first football shoe which has a 3D printed base. The shoes are designed in such a manner that they can boost a player’s performance. 3D printed sole helps a player cross first 10 yards with greater efficiency and speed. Weighing just 5.6 oz it provides optimal traction on the field and lets athletes run along for longer.

Solar-copter is the world’s first solar panel that flies to find sunlight

Solar panels are not able to offer their 100 percent because they do not remain in sunlight all day long. But what if we have a solar panel that flies itself to different areas at different times of a day in search of sunlight? The amazing vision of creating a flying Solar-copter is a brainchild of the students at Queen Mary University of London.

Next Generation artificial hands will ‘feel’ what they touch

Bionic Hand

A bionic hand lets an amputee carry out his original hand movements. What it does not offer is the feeling of touch. This year a team of doctors from Italy are going to transplant a bionic hand onto a patient. Now there is something unique about this bionic hand, it can ‘feel’ sensations. OhYes, its true, these artificial limbs can actually feel sensory impressions through hand sensors and can also be controlled by mere thoughts.

Systemic computer developed at University College London is crash-free and repairs itself

Even the slightest thought of our computer system getting crashed scares us. Many of us might even have faced the problems that occur after a system crash. To find solution to such problems, scientists at University College London have created a self-repairing computer. This computer has been named as “Systemic” and is being worked upon at the university.

Specially designed booth for Valentine’s week can print your “Valentine Day Kiss” in 3D

3D Printing Kissing Booth 1

Valentine’s Day, a most celebrated day for lovers over a well defined period. The day also means an outburst in the amount of kissing that goes on. Well, this Valentine season Hot Pop Factory in collaboration with Untitled & Co. and Draft Print 3D brings you the 3D Printing Kissing Booth. It’s a pop-up event that allows you to capture your image with your lover and have it printed in 3D. Be it the lovely Neck Kiss, French Kiss or the casual Lip Kiss. ♥ Love is in the air! Isn’t it? ♥

Mobile embedded onto the bottom of your heels would surely make you feel smart

We see innovative mobiles with latest technologies every now and then but have you ever seen a mobile phone lodged in shoe heel. Yes you read it right. Artist Sean Miles has embedded four mobile phones in four heels of various renowned names viz. Hunter Wellington boot, Nike trainer, Christian Louboutin and men’s brogue.

Watch your food in High Definition video before ordering it: Here’s Livmenu


A woman from France wasn’t quite satisfied with the way usual restaurant menus are made out. She could not be sure whether a menu could actually portray the actual quality and taste of the food. Despite a long list of delights, she thought one could not discern how good any choice in particular would turn out to be. It struck her so that she ended up creating the world’s first video menu.

A tattoo that monitors your heath and reflects it with a smile

Sensor technology is a widely used aid in exploring and understanding the human body better. This technology is apparently taken an evolutionary turn as it becomes wearable in the form of a tattoo.

Tentacle Prosthetic can grip things like real hands do

Life without limbs is really tough. All thanks to researchers and doctors who have come a long way in designing prosthetics. So many times we have seen limbs that look real but today we will be discussing a unique design which is brain child of Kaylene Kau. The tentacle prosthetic design is quite unconventional and weird. The tentacle design is bizarre but beautifully dexterous.

‘Clever’ rifle automatically tags and shoots your Target in Sight

TrackingPoint Rifle

TrackingPoint, a company in Texas has developed Intelligent Digital Tracking Scope for a rifle that lets you tag your target digitally so that the system may fire as and when the target comes between its crosshairs. The rifle does not fire until the tagged target is in reach even if you pull the trigger. The technology is obviously inspired from a fictional movie but it can be a future of arms and weapons.

A set of speakers sends digital data faster than sound using supersonic waves

The researchers at Keio University have brought a new technology named SteganoSonic, capable of transmitting digital information into supersonic waves, into existence.  All you have to do is set out the terminal in the speaker zone and the information can be transferred from directional speakers to the screen. The speaker does not produce any sound as it sends information to the display. Now talking about the display, it is comprised of two panel units having many small supersonic wave speakers along with a tablet computer having an external receiver.

Green Gym: A gym that generates electricity while you workout

Green Gym

The Great Outdoor Gym Company has created a fitness center in UK that helps folks generate electricity by working out. This fitness center features a gym with equipments which when used can turn human power into electric watts. The gym is located in a city park in Hull, northeast England and has currently generated 40 kilowatts/ 40,000 watt hours of power.

Star Trek classrooms with hi-tech desks can improve a kid’s intellect

hi-tech desk

Technology has updated every sphere of our lives including class rooms and schools. Today we will be discussing a similar technogy here that has helped a lot in improving students caliber. It is a multi touch, multi user smart desk technology, which has been named as “Star Trek Classroom.” These high tech desks and their software have been designed by Durham University experts.