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Empire “Steam” Steampunk speakers add Victorian style to your home

Empire Steam Steampunk Speakers

Here’s some spunk for your music in the avatar of Steampunk. Two octagonal speakers with all the nutty, bolty and steamy theme. The Empire “Steam” Steampunk speaker brings music  to your ears like no other as well furnish a Victorian look to your home. 

Most bizarre keyboard ever is perfect for writing stories

Hemisphere Keyboard by Skyberrys

Carrie Segal, a 27 year old Makebly user has built a brass and glass USB keyboard that’s absolutely dissimilar to any regular keyboard. The image you see here is not a techie weapon instead it’s a keyboard consisting of all 36 vital writing keys. The keyboard called Hemisphere Keyboard looks like a sphere with multiple spikes. Each spike is having a glass ball at the end with letters encrypted on top.

Hyundai created a Zombie Survival Vehicle equipped with machine guns

Hyundai's Veloster Zombie Survival Machine

Last year’s Zombie apocalypse vehicle was an outstanding creation by Hyundai and no one had actually thought that anything better than this could be created. But Hyundai has done it again by creating Veloster Zombie Survival Machine. The company has joined hands with Robert Kirkman to unveil this masterpiece at 2013’s San Diego Comic Con. Just to make you familiar with the guy, Robert Kirkman is mind behind “The Walking Dead.”

‘Invisible Headphone’ is an implanted speaker right inside the ear

Rich Lee Invisible Headphone

You would have to be an ultimate music fan to do what Rich Lee has done. The guy has implanted a wireless headphone in his ear to free himself from the daily hassle of misplacing or losing his headphones. More than just a music fan Rich is a Grinder, one who experiments with body enhancements and surgical implants. Therefore he came up with an idea of implanting a magnet (that works like a speaker) into his Tragus.

Extreme Mod: Bike with an aircraft engine

Sternmotorbike: Bike With Aircraft Engine

We’ve featured many bizarre vehicles earlier, last week a huge bike with tractor tyres stole the show. Today is the time for Sternmotorbike, a bike powered by an airplane engine. The bike has 9 cylinders and not even a single silencer. I think the designer wants everyone to hear the bike roar. It took about one and a half years for Frank Ohle (designer of the bike) to complete this masterpiece.

B.A.B.E, the biggest Steampunk gun shoots smoke

B.A.B.E. The largest Steampunk Gun 1

People who love Steampunk style would definitely love B.A.B.E, a customized gun which is possibly the largest Steampunk Gun ever made. The gun depicts an amazing blend of modern concepts with scientific inventiveness by Hatton Cross Steampunk. Actually, this huge gun is not meant to kill it just shoots a shower of smoke along with some glitzy lights. B.A.B.E’s actual name is “Behemoth Acaulescent Blunderbuss of Eradication.”

Suitcase that ‘suits’ all your photo studio needs

Adding to the list of bizarre gadgets is a touchscreen photo booth crafted in a suitcase. Yes! Kiosk is a customized photo booth made out of a vintage suitcase. It has got 15 inch touchscreen and a Logitech c920 webcam. The most fascinating part is you can get printout of the photographs there and then. You can also post your photographs on social networking sites using the touchscreen facility.

23 radio controlled cars pull a ‘Dogsled’

Creativity has no limits and when great artists like Mai Yamashita and Naoto KobayashiIn think of doing something different, innovations are bound to happen. ‘Dogsled’ is a project worked upon by the above mentioned artists that works with a wheeled sledge and 23 toy cars. The toy cars are remote controlled and are masked with fur to make them comparable to sledge pulled by dogs.

Google’s Talking Shoe can connect to your smartphone

Google's talking shoe

Google has a new ‘Talking Shoe’ that can translate movements into witty messages. The talking shoe is a part of “Art, Copy, Code” project and was displayed at SXSW Interactive headquarters. This project is set with an objective of giving life to everyday objects, hence, the talking shoe.

GuitArduino is a futuristic guitar without strings

Alvin Coessens, Steven Thys and Lucas Daniels have built an experimental musical instrument in the context of a project for Fablab and the Media, Arts & Design Faculty in Genk, Belgium. The case description was to explore the possibilities of making a musical instrument through the newly openend Fablab (a concept from MIT). They build a futuristic electric guitar that could play music just by a touch , no plucking or picking is required. Also, the guitar has no strings attached, only the visible fret-board is there.

Customized Halo 4 Xbox 360 with built-in screen will surely amaze you

There is a nice package for gamers. The customized Xbox that we are talking about here has got everything. It has Xbox 360, seven inch LCD display, two 2W speakers with volume tuning control on console’s back, Halo 4 symbols lit with LED’s  in orange along with Halo 4 Masterchief Armor inspired tint. There is also a 7V fan Mod for proper ventilation. The amazing project was undertaken by Justin Bassett of United States.

The beautiful piece of furniture is an upgraded computer case worth $3000

Wooden computer case mod

The beautiful wooden case that we are going to talk about today is not merely a piece of furniture but a very useful and stylish handmade computer case. Today people spend most of their time sitting in front of computers so why not make the thing that you interact with all day long fit in something attractive as well as beneficial. This creativity is the brainchild of Adam Vorrath from United States.

Striking portable SNES mod is shock proof and holds 10 hrs battery backup

Portable SNES mod

Modding can do miracles. We’ve seen a lot of mods related to gaming but this portable SNES might be the simplest yet the best one ever. The portable SNES mod has been made by a redditor known as robotairz. Yes, it’s an SNES mod, not so common piece of gaming these days but the popularity and craze of this gaming console led the modder create it with elegance.

Super Bike Hack: DIY automatic suspension lockout lets you control your bike ‘like a boss’

Bike Hack

The LaPierre x Rockshox El shock has proven to be a revelation in the cadre of modern battery adjusted suspensions. The suspension along with the suspension adjustment system from fox which utilizes a Shimano Di2 battery has really inspired some bike re-engineering. Motivated by this same suspension culture is Vladimir Kolotov who has fused his love for riding and mini gadgetry into one. 

A great café computer: Apple’s first laptop modded to run OS X

Apple mac mod

This case mod for Macintosh portable proves that nostalgia is a strong force which can even make a technological retrograde seem acceptable. Apparently, a nostalgic modder has upgraded the macintosh portable to the currently in use OS X. Needless to say that this change would not have been standalone but accompanied by hardware overhaul as well.