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Star Wars Millennium Falcon is yet another marvel in PC case modding

Millenium falcon case mod

The Millennium Falcon PC case mod is an ingenious activity of housing your motherboard and CPU into a model construct of the Millennium Falcon thereby turning it into your very own PC cabinet! Yeah, if you have the courage to rip open a neato model of the Star Wars flagship then the daring will reward you into getting a Star Wars PC. It was the genius of Brad Jordan that happened to ‘make it so’. 

One of a kind Time-Traveling Delorean kid pushcart crafted using cardboard

Cooper will be the luckiest of all kids this Halloween, for his parents have built him a DeLorean for his first Halloween. All thanks to his mother Cory who modded kid’s push cart to the time traveling DeLorean from “back to the future.”

Nintendo Star Wars R2-D2 case mod makes noises when poked


What could be cooler than playing your favourite 8 bit games on a custom made Nintendo Entertainment System? Major League Mods recently featured an album of a Star Wars R2-D2 NES. The console is made by Mark Bongo.

SSR-X is a fabulous Carbon Fiber PC case mod inspired from Jets

Carbon fiber computer case mod

Modding of PC cases can be a spectacle or it can even end up in a complete disaster, all depending on creativity and designing. A bit-tech forums user “Cleveland216” aka Dave Biro has completed a magnificent mod marking a respect to aircraft design. The modding has been done using carbon fiber as well as aluminium core for the outer shell of the case and the final result is awesome. No doubt he calls himself the Carbon Fiber King. Dave built a very complex aircraft like design to fit the computer parts in place. Sharp edges in the mod enhance the beauty of his design.

Gold Macbook Air by Computer Choppers shines a good deed in the naughty world

Gold Macbook Air

Computer Choppers have customized a lot of products in a decade. They deal with customizing on a luxury level, like gold and diamond customizing. This time the team has customized Apple’s Macbook Air 13 and 11 inch laptops into gold plated Macbook Air’s. Laptops have been customized into gold plated but they also include platinum plating, black chrome and more than 20 added options.

Steampunk NES casemod is an awesome creation for gaming freaks

Good news for steampunk admirers.  An extremely fascinating casemod has been created by reddit user Andrew 5785. He did it for his steampunk fan nephew who wanted to have an old Nintendo. Andrew reformed an old Nintendo system into a fine little brass retro device.

A life sized Wasteland Ranger PC case mod is programmed to kill

life sized Wasteland Ranger PC case mod

Wasteland Ranger is a mark of respect to “Fallout 3” by a Bit-Tech forums user ‘TheGreatSatan’ and also the owner of ‘PCModHouse.’ A full mannequin has been used to make this computer case mod. But, it is not as simple as it sounds. The mod has been detailed to the core and many exciting accessories have been added like a Nerf Gun. Looks are customized to be as per a California Ranger.

Now read an E-book not with your mouse but with your hands


‘Electrobiblioteka’, is the name that has been given to a real, live E book. Waldek Wegrzyn has created a tangible E Book the physicality of which is entirely opposite to the conventional e link reader. One might call it a reverse engineered pagination which is quite laborious but worth the effort which is all evident in the video below.

Elegant gold plated computers give your home a majestic touch of royalty

Gold Plated computers

A French designer George Chirita makes lavish computers and other accessories, but not for the common man and only for the millionaires. His work is inspired from royal families of Kings and Queens. The gold-plated computers that he has made are inspired from King Louis XVI. They are indeed very expensive for common people and you would not prefer buying them at all. Range starts from $17,000 and finishes on $21,000. But the lavishness of these computers can allure you and could make you drool. They are very neatly decorated with most expensive materials like marble, lapis lazuli and most significantly gold.

A Toyota car fully customized into Gundam themed car

Gundam car 1

A hobby event in Tokyo, Japan unveiled a Gundam inspired car. The car has been fully customized into Char Aznable, a character from the Gundam series. Everything in and out of the car has been personalized by Toyota itself. The red colored “Auris Char Aznable” concept car can be considered for mass production, if there is enough demand for it- Toyota’s agent.

Use gestures to create virtual remote controls for your home devices

Laptops, remote controls, wireless devices and many more to continue, have made us completely technology dependent. We prefer doing things sitting at one place without wasting much of the energy. We are here to discuss a similar concept made by Toon and Jiang as part of their university thesis. The interesting project made by them makes use of gestures to turn things on as well as off.

Stunning ‘Black Widow Spider’ case mod built from scratch

Black Widow Spider case mod

Ali Abbas is an ace in computer case modding. He has worked on many projects and has made many spectacular case mods. His latest mod is “The Black Widow” case mod, which has bagged first prize in “German Casemod Championship 2012” in ‘Casecons’ category. The inspiration for the design of the mod came from a real Black Widow spider. Most of its features are unique like widow nets of steel, the way of powering mod on/off, and many more to follow.

Batpod superbike from ‘Dark Knight Rises’ is now complete with deadly looks


About a month ago, the “Dark Knight Rises” inspired super motorcycle was seen all over the internet that attracted many folks and was a major newscast on blogs as well as social networking sites. The homebuilt superbike from Vietnam was not complete then but still grabbed a lot of attention. And now after a month or so the Batpod is complete and shares an aggressive appearance. If you guys liked framework of the Batpod then just have a look at its complete version, I bet, you’ll fall in love with the superbike.

Ben Heck gives tank-like motor control and joystick-like foot control to a wheelchair

Ben Heck wheelchair

Ben Heck is known for hacks and mods on gaming consoles. Never did he thought about hacking for a nobel cause, but this time Ben Heck actually did it for a physically disabled dad, who is about to become a father. Josh Benhart visited Ben and requested him to build a wheelchair for him that he could use while carrying his newborn along. Ben couldn’t refuse and he took the project, although, the project wasn’t able to complete on time, Ben finished it with great zeal.

Guitarion is a guitar that can be played with one hand, especially designed for Hemiplegics

Playing guitar has fascinated everyone, even a person who does not know anything about guitar is spellbound by its rhythms. The people suffering from Hemiplegics cannot play guitar because playing it require both hands, and therefore an engineering university has developed a guitar that can be played by the people suffering from Hemiplegics.