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Creepy ghost helmet to scare your fellow riders

Nothing could be compared to the pleasure of riding a bike and this pleasure changes to thrill if everyone around you tries to catch a glance of you. You can even scare your fellow rides wearing this bizarre skull faced helmet which was seen at the 5th yearly Harley Davidson National Rally held at Qian Dao Lake, China. The rally was organized to mark 110 successful years of the company.

Now tweet from Huggies TwitterPee will let parents know when to change their kid’s diaper

It’s is not easy to be parents but technology has at least made the task of managing kids easier. Now you won’t have to worry about your kid’s dirty diapers and increased body temperature. This all will be done by TweePee, an amazing sensor introduced by Huggies Diapers.  Though market was already packed with baby monitors of various kinds, some to monitor baby’s breathing movements, some to measure heartbeat and temperature and some to even monitor daily growth of kid’s, but the sensor that tweets you to change your baby’s diaper is all new in the market.

Huge motorbike with tractor tyres is made of junk

Huge Chinese Motorbike

Chinese people are awesome in making things out of junk. This amazing motorcycle has also been made from junk by a chap known as Abulajon who is from Manas County, Xinjiang China. The huge bike would surely make all the bike riders jealous of its grand looks. It took Abulajon a whole year to complete the bike as well as he spent 8000 yuan (Rs. 70,000) in building it.

iFlask: An iPhone like gadget to hold your booze

world’s first ever smart flask

Hiding your booze from others is easy but hiding it for a long time is difficult. To help you in hiding your booze very effectively, a team of students have created iFlask. iFlask is an iPhone styled flask that can hold 5 oz of your beloved beverage. Yup, that’s right, the picture you see here is not an iPhone neither it is an iPhone case, it’s actually a flask specially meant to hold your drink.

B.A.B.E, the biggest Steampunk gun shoots smoke

B.A.B.E. The largest Steampunk Gun 1

People who love Steampunk style would definitely love B.A.B.E, a customized gun which is possibly the largest Steampunk Gun ever made. The gun depicts an amazing blend of modern concepts with scientific inventiveness by Hatton Cross Steampunk. Actually, this huge gun is not meant to kill it just shoots a shower of smoke along with some glitzy lights. B.A.B.E’s actual name is “Behemoth Acaulescent Blunderbuss of Eradication.”

Super flexible UGIAJ Sunglasses can be twisted, turned or crushed

Ugiaj Milano Sunglasses

Now you need not worry about breaking or shattering your sunglasses. Angelo Piccioli, a designer from Italy brings to you an ultimate pair of sunglasses which are so flexible that they could be bent or twisted in any direction. You can even crush them in your hands like you do to a paper and still the sunglasses will return into their original form. These super flexible sunglasses are named UGIAJ and they provide maximum safety with comfort.

Steampunk coffee table inspired from NES controller is made of recycled stuff

Steampunk Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

You may be a coffee addict or a gaming freak. Whatever the situation may be, you will just love Charles Lushear’s marvelous creation which is a coffee table inspired from Nintendo controller. The artistically created coffee table features Steampunk style and is therefore called “Steampunk Nintendo Controller Coffee Table.” It is made from recycled materials with a glass set on the top to hold your coffee.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a girlfriend! This coat will never let you feel alone

Riajyuu Coat

If you don’t have a girlfriend and you feel alone! No more worries. Japanese researchers have invented a coat that hugs you from behind and lets you feel like you are being hugged by a girl. You also hear girl-whispers in your ear through a pair of headphones. Riajyuu Coat is what the developers call it. Designed by the engineers at the University of Tsukuba, the concept of the coat is clear as to make everyone feel that they have a girlfriend and are never alone.

Lego ‘Game of Thrones’ scenes will surely amaze fans of the show as well as Lego admirers

Passion can take us to any limit. No matter how grown up we are but when it comes to liking something passionately we all become kids. Who would have thought of making an American epic fantasy television series Games of Thrones using Legos that too keeping in mind the target audience of the show. But strangely an enthusiastic fan has designed a complete site named as Lego Games of Thrones that represents scenes from the show using Lego.

23 radio controlled cars pull a ‘Dogsled’

Creativity has no limits and when great artists like Mai Yamashita and Naoto KobayashiIn think of doing something different, innovations are bound to happen. ‘Dogsled’ is a project worked upon by the above mentioned artists that works with a wheeled sledge and 23 toy cars. The toy cars are remote controlled and are masked with fur to make them comparable to sledge pulled by dogs.

Soccer ball spins and bends automatically when kicked

BuredaMaster Blur Ball

Do you want your kid to be a soccer player? Yes of course, everyone wishes to make his kid play like Bechkam! You can fulfill this dream of yours by making your kid play with this miraculous ball termed as “BuredaMaster Blur ball” or “BuredMaster Bending Ball.” The ball lets you put some spin on the shot even if you aren’t good at playing football. It’s a “magic ball” that also produces sound effects when kicked.

Harry Potter Hogwards School built from 400,000 LEGO bricks

It’s amazing how artists use their creativity to make what they adore. Drop down list from the category of artists include “Lego Builders”. Beautiful as well as meticulous are their creations. LEGO designer Alice Finch is yet another Lego artist who is brilliant at her work. She made a beautiful detailed Hogwarts School from Harry Potter movie using 400,000 LEGO bricks. The replica is so detailed that it represents every part of Harry Potter series (even the staircases like to change).

Star Wars X-Wing bed for your kid would surely make him your admirer

If you are a Star War fan you would surely love this geeky bed. Geeks love to make innovations and in the same process imgur user ‘DarthDaddy42’ has crafted an amazing X-wing bed for his kid. Lucky kid! Isn’t he? The X-wing bed is quite cool with strike foils that actually open and close like in an attack position. The bed is equipped with an HDTV along with a Blu-ray player.

It’s an RC car chase and everything is made of cardboard

Car Race

Every now and then we see a car chase in movies. It may be fake or real but it definitely makes one hold one’s breath. Another great car chase has been shot by a Youtube user FinalCutKing which is real in terms of “Radio Controlled miniature cars” but fake in terms of the city through which cars are driven. The cars are radio controlled Ford Mustangs and the city is made up of cardboards, spray paint and glue. Anyway, it’s the best RC car chase I’ve ever seen. See it in the video below.

Sci-Fi movies inspired AtmoSphere toy hovers on hand

Have you ever heard about a chopper being controlled by the palm of your hands other than a remote control or a smartphone application? If not, here it comes! Air hogs, a renowned name in remote control vehicles has come up with a fascinating approach that would make a helicopter move in response to the hand movements of the user. The chopper yet to be released has been named as AtmoSphere.