CES 2013: boomBOTTLE bike speaker by Scosche will make biking fun for riders

At CES, a number of modern appliances and accessories make their first appearance every year and some products and commodities are rated better and different than others in one way or other. Here we have one example i.e boomBOTTLE Bluetooth speaker by Scosche, a world renowned electronics company. Appearance of bike speaker is enticing for all age group riders.


The most attractive feature of the speaker is that it is made for outdoors and is completely weatherproof. The shape has been designed keeping in mind shape of the bike water bottle cage so that it completely fits in there.  It has Bluetooth integrated in it for music lovers to stay connected with their ipad or iphone and avoid any jingling of wires. Important feature which is necessary to mention is that it has a rechargeable battery which lasts for minimum 10 hours per recharge. As such price of the product has not been revealed.


We can say that this product imitates phone in a way as you have rubberized buttons to adjust the level of volume, to change the track or to switch to the speaker. It also has very strong shock proof TPU exterior done. When the product will be launched in market it will be in variant colors like grey, yellow and green covers with black end caps.

Via: Tuaw






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