CES 2013: Nvidia unveiled Project Shield, an amazing handled gaming console

CES 2013 in Las Vegas is providing platform for many amazing things. Nvidia has come up with a high tech Tegra 4 mobile chip that powers Project Shield, an amazing Android gaming handheld console. The device resembles a wireless controller with flip up display. The input output ports are provided at the back of the device. It has HDMI, microSD, USB and audio jack as well.

Project shield

The device has got 5-inch retinal display. It has got 720p and 296 dpi. You can also use the controls of the gamepad and the touchscreen to direct Android UI. The interesting part about the console is that because it runs Android full version, you can play any game that you see in Google Play. Dead tiger 2 and Hawken were also demonstrated on the console.

Project shield3

The project will also run technology like VNC to synchronize games on PC to the console. The product will be a bombshell for game lovers but the actual price of the product has not been revealed yet. Though there are some rumors that the product will be first released in Canada and US in second quarter of 2013.

Project shield5

Project shield2

Project shield1

Via: AndroidPolice


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