CES 2013: Twistable PaperTabs are all set to revolutionize electronics industry

Would you like to fold your tablet? Yes, you read it right. The day is not far when you will able to twist and drop your tablet screen without the fear of damaging it. The innovatory tablet developed by Queen’s University Canada would be as thin as a paper sheet. They have created this tablet in partnership with Intel Labs and Plastic Logic. The use of the device will definitely revolutionize virtually unbreakable gadgets.

folding iPad1

The product will be made open this week at CES in Las Vegas. A new concept of desktop has also been shown using sheets of paper, which will replace old windows screens. User will now be able to flaunt several “PaperTabs” with different apps instead of single display. Turing pages of e-book will be like reading a real book.

folding iPad3

Sending photographs will become very easy and sending emails will be fun by simply twisting the top corner of the screen or by placing the PaperTab in an out tray. More surfaces for drawing could be easily created by placing two or more PaperTabs together.

folding iPad2

The innovative gadget has the capability of replacing traditional technology as well as paper use. The prototype of the gadget is all set to rock the CES 2013. Some interesting features of the product are its flexibility, plastic display, interactivity with the user, 10.7 inch display with high resolution, sensitive touch and Intel® CoreTM i5 Processor. The plastic display of Plastic Logic’s has a specialty of being light, thin and robust. The assumptions are being made that the amazing gadget will revolutionize the electronic industry in nearly five years.

folding iPad    folding iPad4

Via: DailyMail


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