Clean Life is a device that stimulates your mind to restrain smoking

It is very easy to tell anyone to stop smoking but only smokers know how hard it is to resist it. To make things easier for smokers here is a project known as “Clean life Project,” which intends to benefit people by giving an emotional aid. It does so with the help of its decision reminder, breath analyzer and social media. Clean life provides all the information needed by the Nicotine addicts and also warns them and helps in getting connected to other people struggling for the same through online community. All thanks to Omer Haciomeroglu, the innovative designer of the project.


Your improvement in the whole process of quitting smoking is tracked down and clean life reminds you when you experience a “nicotine peak”. Unlike other methods that replace nicotine with other products this method prepares you emotionally and mentally to make a choice to quit smoking. This is because unless you are mentally prepared you will always find one reason or other to smoke your last cigarette.


The device will demonstrate time to time improvements in your breathing capacity and decrease in you mucus level, which will automatically motivate you to quit smoking and a live a healthy life.




Via: Tuvie


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