‘Clever’ rifle automatically tags and shoots your Target in Sight

TrackingPoint, a company in Texas has developed Intelligent Digital Tracking Scope for a rifle that lets you tag your target digitally so that the system may fire as and when the target comes between its crosshairs. The rifle does not fire until the tagged target is in reach even if you pull the trigger. The technology is obviously inspired from a fictional movie but it can be a future of arms and weapons.

TrackingPoint Rifle

TrackingPoint will out three rifle models for production in 2013. They are named as XS1, XS2 and XS3. The models will feature built-in scopes Intelligent Digital Tracking Scope system. The system will make it very easy for shooters to shoot a designated target. See the video below to see the tech in action.

Via: Dvice / The Firearm Blog

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