COCA COLA magazine that transforms into an iPod dock

Amplifiers and docks for Apple products have produced a lot of buzz since Apple began production. Coke on the other hand has always been a trendsetter. You can well imagine, if Apple and Coke go hand in hand what impact they will make on the market. But this isn’t the case here. This time only Coke has taken an initiative to make something for Apple’s iPod. Coke has revealed a magazine that transforms into a music stand cum amplifier for the iPod. So, what do you get all in all? You get a magazine, an amplifier, a music stand as well as a dock for iPod.

Coca Cola dock

To celebrate Coca Cola FM’s first anniversary a design agency named JWT has made a magazine that can be transformed into an iPod amplifier. The magazine that can do this petite but very useful job is Capricho, a Brazilian Magazine. The music stand hence made will be able to make the sound waves of iPod travel in two different directions and make the sound louder for party purposes.

Via: Stylelist

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