Coco case turns your iPhone into a handheld gaming console

The Coco controller is a design of Milkshake Labs that is able to transform your iPhone into a portable gaming console. Not only the case is compatible with iPhone, it also supports Samsung Galaxy S III, the iPhone 4/4S, the fourth-generation iPod touch and the forthcoming sixth-generation iPhone. The case can also be used as a joystick for other IOS devices like iPad and Macbook pro.

The Coco project has hit Kickstarter and is looking forward to raise $175,000 as on September 12. Currently the case supports 31 games. It will be available in variety of colors and sizes according to your device.

The Coco case is very well built and suits comfort of the user. It includes an analog stick, triggers on the either side on the top, multi-axis directional pad, and four action buttons. It doesn’t require any battery and is powered by your device itself. From the bottom of the controller you can easily tag an audio or speaker source.

The case can be the best game controller, as you can well imagine from its configuration. I will also be looking forward to the availability.

Via: IGN

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