Cooking simulator will make you a professional cook in no time

Cooking is a very interesting hobby and those who love cooking, it’s a cake walk. But for the people like me who don’t know anything about cooking, it’s as difficult as taking first place in Marathon. A research group at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has made a cooking simulator which works like a video game and helps make cooking easier and interesting for people like me.

cooking simulator

The cooking simulator consists of a frying pan and a spatula. It uses a 3D interface and an interactive force feedback system that allows a user to pseudo-cook his meal. If you are using the cooking simulator then you will feel weight of the vegetables and hear sounds of frying. The glass display will state change of ingredients and the meal will change color as it gets heated. Stirring the pan will make vegetables or steaks move.

You can actually be able to learn how to cook. The process of cooking in a cooking simulator explains fully, how the real cooking is done.

Via: DigInfo

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