Could V4 HD from China with its daunting configuration be the iPad from the east?

It has been axiomatically established now that Apple’s iPad is considered more or less synonymous to the term ‘tablet pc’. When people say that they want a tablet, they almost mechanically spell out ‘iPad’. But tarry a bit, a Chinese tab’s name has appeared on the arrival list which can do much in the way of standing toe to toe with Apple’s iconic device.

This tablet that you see is loaded with all the hardware that is featured in the new iPad. A front facing camera is daintily placed in one of the corners. The resolution is densely pixelated to the tune of 2048×1536. At the heart of the tab is a powerful dual-core processor with quad-core graphics. Despite these goodies, the battery life is massive. Now ain’t that worthy of every tab lover’s tears of joy? Now for the keenly lingering question- What do they call this new ‘gadgetastic’ device? Well, to quell your curiosity, it goes by the name V4 HD. It comes from a Chinese maker called Visture.

Visture has built the tab around a swift Cortex A-9 processor with a clock speed of 1.6GHz. The reading on the RAM’s capacity is 1 GB and the flash storage comes in two variants- 16 and 32 gigs. The front camera is 2 megapixel sharp while the rear camera is sited at 5 megapixels. Wireless connectivity includes a built in Wi-Fi button and Bluetooth. A facet to cherish/relish is the monstrous 10,000 mAH battery. V4 HD runs Android 4.0.4. The price details are not known yet but knowing the Chinese, it can be said on good authority that the device will be quite competitively priced. Of course it would be facetious at this point to say that the V4 HD could actually vanquish the iPad but it would be interesting to witness how the competitive pricing of the east faces off with the firmly established brand equity of the west.

Via: MicGadget

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