Customized Halo 4 Xbox 360 with built-in screen will surely amaze you

There is a nice package for gamers. The customized Xbox that we are talking about here has got everything. It has Xbox 360, seven inch LCD display, two 2W speakers with volume tuning control on console’s back, Halo 4 symbols lit with LED’s  in orange along with Halo 4 Masterchief Armor inspired tint. There is also a 7V fan Mod for proper ventilation. The amazing project was undertaken by Justin Bassett of United States.


The most amazing thing about this Xbox is that you need not attach anything extra to it and whatever you need to enjoy your Xbox is all fitted in properly. The only thing you need to do is plug in your system and relish the taste of gaming.


The use of fat old system has been made for a reason because they offer top vents which are occupied in case of a slim system. The vents offered by old system are used for Halo 4 orange glowing. If you really wish to have one for yourself, go ahead. The customized Xbox is priced at $400 only.




Via: Etsy

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