Decelerator helmet presents the world in slow motion after filtering the environment

The “decelerator helmet” as the name suggests allows the user to understand the world in a total slow motion. The unique design has been crafted by a German artist  Lorenz Potthast. Technical senses are entrusted in the helmet that offers experimental approach to one of the most significant topic of the globalized world. The apparatus works by breaking the stream of time under operator’s control.

The helmet has got a small computer that handles its processing. It uses video signal of a camera to slow down the motion, which is seen through head mounted display. The monitor also displays the stream simultaneously on outside for outsiders. The idea of decoupling the natural perception from the personal perception was to allow the user to make his own adjustments with the time.

The user can switch between three modes with the help of a remote control. The decelerator lays emphasis on the alertness of time and unveils the concept of “present” in a very constructive and artificial manner. The design in a way dramatically imagines the effect of slowing down on the present.

Via: Designboom



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