Denon’s mahogany headphones sport a killer look and Facebook

It’s a little tricky to assume if the AH-D7100 headphones are named so because of some company logic or is the “AH” subtly intended to be “Ah”! because these babies sure own the wow factor. These nifty set of headphones from Denon are quite simply an auditory as well as aesthetic sensation! What’s more, they are Facebook friendly inasmuch that with just the press of a button, you could end up liking a piece of music on Facebook.

The AH-D7100 headphones shall be the flagship 2012 headphones for Denon and will be catalogued under the company’s Music Maniac range. The ear cups have been whittled out of real mahogany. The ear pads are imparted a pentagonal formation overlain with memory foam, 50 mm “free edge nano fibre” drivers, priced at GBP 1000 or $ 1500. The performance of these headphones is pegged to be studio quality and the bulk of the entire equipment promises to be ergonomic. A free smartphone app christened Denon Audio has also been released to work in tandem with the AH-D7100 headphones. The app enables users to assort their music into playlists and govern audio output through custom settings. The social element of the headphones involves updating Facebook status or posting a tweet about the music you’re tuned to with as much effort as the touch of a button. Listening pleasure, looks and “like”, all in one. We really “like”!

Via: Psfk

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