Disney’s balloon hauled house from ‘Up’ takes flight in real life stringing 365 balloons

Disney movie “Up” fascinated everyone because of its house flying in the sky and now a well-known cluster-balloonist has done it for real. Jonathan Trappe, who became the first person to fly the English Channel and holds record for passing over Alps, created this awesome flying house. Trappe from North Carolina flew high in the sky in his cartoon themed home that was created for the Leon International balloon festival in Mexico held two days ago.

Trappe is well prepared for the trans-Atlantic flight to be held next summer. Daring Trappe is targeting to complete the entire journey in seven foot lifeboat, which will be carried by 365 helium balloons. The 2500 miles journey won’t be an easy task but Trappe has his hopes high from the event and has made an investment of $170,000 for the event. Trappe is also planning to launch a site so that any person interested in event can become a part of this wonderful adventure.

The forthcoming event needs a lot of preparations for which Trappe is learning to sail a lifeboat so that he could be safe in case of any danger. The gondola to be used in the event will have an open roof but a canopy to protect Trappe from harsh winds and frost bite. The danger-filled mission will make him fly between 18,000ft and 25,000ft altitude. The challenging task will make Trappe break his own world record of flying uninterrupted 230 miles.

Via: Design Taxi

Images: LAURENTIU GAROFEANU /Barcroft Media

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