Doggie Talkie lets you talk to your ‘best friend’ over long distances

It’s rightly said that “a dog is a man’s best friend.” Your dog deserves all your love and care in the world. Just to make your relation with your dog a bit stronger a dog lover “Elizabeth Bailey Christenbury” has made a device called Doggie Talkie that lets you communicate with your dog over long distances. The device is attached to the dog’s collar and with help of a Smartphone, Hot-Spot and WI-FI technology it can receive commands so that your pet can hear them.Doggie Talkie

Doggie Talkie is thought to be the future of dogs training and communication. It is capable of recording 20 different commands in a default voice or your voice.

Doggie Talkie 5

Your dog will never feel left alone while you are away from home. You can attach Doggie Talkie to your dog’s collar and let him hear your voice all day long form a long distance. This will help relieve separation anxiety and will calm down your ‘best friend.’

Doggie Talkie 3

Doggie Talkie 4
Doggie Talkie 2

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