Dolce & Gabbana join hands with Grado to produce great headphones inside out

Premium designer labels look enticing on apparels and accessories but when stamped on technology, they seldom receive the respect which reputed tech giants do. However, quality is an attribute with an identity of its own, independent of the brand, highly conspicuous and recognizable whenever present. Dolce & Gabbana- the deft duo of the fashion world have produced something in the name of acoustics which boasts of both quality and design. Having teamed with Grado Labs, D&G have fulfilled their commitment to quality while staying novel technologically.

DS2012 headset

From D&G come the DS2012 headphones which are entirely handcrafted and hewed out of superior Mahogany wood. Wood has ever been a true mate to excellent sound throw and reverberation. The mahogany not only brings great sound to the headphones but also juices up the aesthetic appeal.  These headphones are the outcome of the union of two masters of their fields i.e. D&G and Grado labs.

DS2012 headset 4


While D&G as a brand needs no introduction, Brooklyn based Grado labs is considered by many as a creator of the finest breed of headphones acoustically and quality-wise. Quite naturally so, the DS2012 headphones possess simply killer looks. The acoustics need listening before they can be commented upon, nonetheless, due to Grado’s participation in the project, good sound seems almost a sure thing.

DS2012 headset 3 DS2012 headset


DS2012 headset 5


Via: Just Luxe

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