Double robotics turns a ‘double’ iPads into a telepresence device.

If you’re a Big Bang Theory fan then you would’ve probably witnessed a high-strung Sheldon substitute his actual presence for a telepresence device owing to his twisted fears of the ‘outside world’. Well, your reason for being telepresent needn’t be this crazy but now if you own an iPad, you can transform it into your very own telepresence device.


Double robotics gives you ‘Double’, a telepresence robot tagged $2499 which can help transform your iPad into a telepresence device. To get started, you must possess two iPads. One iPad will be cradled in the self balancing base and the other will be operated as a remote and to use it as a remote, Double Robotics will provide you with an iPad app. You can roll the device about and even adjust its height via the app. The front facing camera of the iPad will be your window to the world, showing you the perspective. You can even interact with passers-by with the camera’s aid. The ‘Double’ is competitively priced and is set to be launched this December. However, a pre-order now will fetch you a discount of $1999. Reader should note that iPads are not included as a bundle.

Via: TheVerge

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