Doughnut camera is the ‘sweetest’ camera ever

My Doughnut can click pictures, what about yours? Yes, you read it right. Here comes the sweetest camera so far. The cool gadget is not only stylish in looks but also features a three mega-pixel camera and a number of fascinating shooting modes. The doughnut shaped camera has PVC coating and most of the buttons are hidden to uphold its shape. Who wouldn’t give a smile looking at the sweet doughnut camera?

doughtnut-in-use-close-up - Copy

The Geanee Doughnut Camera priced at around $67, is made up of soft and spongy plastic to give it a real touch. Finishing is done in a way that it looks real in the true sense. You can focus through its central hole and click images saving them to its memory card.

doughtnut-side - Copy

The lens of the camera is at the upper surface with power button, shutter and select mode on the lower side of the doughnut. For making it more useful a micro SD slot along with a USB port has been provided. The camera can click pictures in various modes which would surely tempt photographers to buy it. It also works in video mode. Given below are few clicks taken by the camera. Have a look.

doughnuts-colour-modes - Copy

doughtnute-sample-photos - Copy



Via: P-gear

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